Digital Transformation (Part 2) – Helpful Stats to Help You Conquer Your eCommerce Challenges

This week, we have been analyzing the comprehensive report from The Altimeter Group about how companies use digital transformation to revolutionize their customer
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Digital Transformation (Part 2) – Helpful Stats to Help You Conquer Your eCommerce Challenges


In the first post of this series, we identify digital transformation as a complete effort, from technology to brand-new business objectives, to improve the customer experience. In our second post, we discuss what your online and eCommerce customers want from you.

In this final post on digital transformation, we will identify how to overcome the key challenges that prevent businesses from totally optimizing their customer experience and reaping the benefits.

The Altimeter Group asked executives and company strategists to list their top challenges to digital transformation and rank them in importance. Here’s how that went:

  • 63% say it is “very important” to change the company culture to achieve digital transformation. (34% say “somewhat important.”)
  • 59% say it is “very important” to think beyond a “campaign mentality” in regards to their digital strategy. (22% say “somewhat important.”)
  • 56% say it is “very important” for different departments and silos to cooperate more.(39% say “somewhat important.”)
  • 56% say it is “very important” to increase/improve resources and budget allocation for digital transformation. (39% say “somewhat important.”)
  • 53% say it is “very important” to understand the behavior and impact of the new connected customer. (42% say “somewhat important.”)

The Altimeter Group research makes a strong conclusion. Each of these responses shows that the need to change is pervasive for online businesses.

These answers further reinforce that digital transformation works when the entire business is willing to change. It is often difficult at first to get different departments to share information and collaborate, but the rewards pay off with a great customer experience. Sharing data allows you to plan out longer-term online marketing and eCommerce sales objectives.

Another potentially intimidating stat is that many respondents say it is important to increase resources. It is often difficult to allocate more money to new objectives. And we totally understand that! Really!

But “resources” isn’t just money. Resources are also people, technology, time, expertise, as well as budget. So use each necessary component to enact digital transformation.

With the self-service demands and raised expectations of today’s customers, the online customer experience has become THE critical difference that sets you apart from your competitors. Digital transformation is how you grab hold of that competitive advantage and sell.

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