Peste 4.000 de companii se bazează pe Dynamicweb

Aflați cum contribuie Dynamicweb la creșterea și optimizarea afacerilor online ale companiilor din întreaga lume.



Tipul soluției

B2B and B2C ecommerce with NAV, 16,000 products and 22,000 customers.


B2B ecommerce portal with NAV integration and Raptor recommendation.


B2B ecommerce with ROI in just 6 months, 8,000 items, 3 languages and 70,000 prices.

Bejo Seeds

B2B Ecommerce solution with Microsoft NAV integration and more than 40 individual sites.


B2B ecommerce with Dynamics NAV for live customer-specific pricing.


3 B2B distribution companies, 3 website integrations, 1 Dynamics NAV.


Eliminating channel conflict with multi-shop solution for both B2C and B2B Ecommerce


Dynamics NAV and 100,000 SKUs in stock for European B2B ecommerce market.

Fredericia Furniture

B2B ecommerce portal with seamless integration to Perfion PIM and Dynamics NAV.

Gasa Group

B2B ecommerce with NAV, 60 million prices, 1,500 dealers in 17 countries and 10 currencies.


B2B platform with NAV, PIM, self-service and retailer product configurator.

Kjær & Sommerfeldt

B2C ecommerce with NAV and PIM for for increasing sales and improving customer loyalty.

Kjær & Sommerfeldt B2B

B2B ecommerce portal with integration to Dynamics NAV and Perfion PIM.


B2B ecommerce with NAV


B2B ecommerce portal for simplifying complex selling supporting dealers.

Outfit International A/S

One platform. Two brands. 11 ecommerce sites. Improving the brand experience.

Philipson Wine

Focusing on the user experience raised the conversion rate by 75%

Philipson Wine

Focusing on the user experience raised the conversion rate by 75%


B2C ecommerce with Dynamics NAV for improving both online and physical sales.


B2B ecommerce with Dynamics NAV, Oracle Fusion, and IBX business systems.


Spalding manages input for product improvements with Perfion PIM and Dynamicweb

TricorBraun Flex

B2B/B2C ecommerce with NAV


Online community portal for interacting with 70,000+ members.

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