has a Danish nationwide collaboration with approx. 50 wine dealers, meaning that can buy large quantaties of wine and thereby obtain the best possible prices. always aim for a long-term and close cooperation with suppliers to ensures continuity and quality.

Challenge did have a web presence where it was possible for customers to order wine, but the system was outdated, difficult to work with and lacking a payment option. Therefore, envisioned an actual webshop with integration to their existing C5 ERP system. Furthermore, as most of the retailers did not have the resources to run their own websites, also wanted to provide them the added benefit of online sales as well as a marketing platform with easy access to marketing materials.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The site is designed to make it easy for wine lovers to find what they are looking for. A special filtered search option makes it possible to search for wine according to e.g. type of grape, region/country and year. Customers can browse wines in the comfort of their own homes and either buy it online, or look for the nearest retailer and go there to buy wine. The system also supports possibilities for cross-selling and up-selling. For example, when a customer browses the wine and looks at a particular wine, a selection of similar wines “recommended by” pops up.’s new solution is integrated to Microsoft Dynamics C5 to optimize the administration, as all orders placed in the webshop automatically appear in C5. Products and prices are updated directly in C5 and shows up in the webshop.

The most recent addition to the solution is a marketing platform for the retailers. The retailers log into the platform where they can easily generate price tags, posters, signs and other in-store materials – customized with their own logo.


The fact that the retailers are now able to easily generate their own marketing material online saves a lot of time and resources for the retailers - but also for, as they used to assist the retailers in the time consuming manufacturing of in-store materials. The retailers are happy, as they receive the profits of sales in their area as well as getting the opportunity to build relationships with the customers that come to the stores to collect their wine.
Anne-Sofie Vikkelsøe, Web and Marketing Coordinator,
"We chose Dynamicweb because we needed a future-proof solution which would allow for and support growth in our business, and definitely one that would integrate with our other systems. It was also essential for us, that we would be able to administrate and manage the system subsequently."
- Anne-Sofie Vikkelsøe, Web and Marketing Coordinator,
B2C, Marketing, Retail, C5

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