Today, Weber is an international super brand and the company behind the world-renowned kettle grill.


Barbequing has become a passion for many and this is why Weber wanted to offer barbeque enthusiasts the possibility to share their passion with others as well as establishing closer bonds to the Weber brand.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Weber created ‘Weberklubben’, which is an online community and a dream come true for every barbeque buff. Through this community, Weber inspires members with recipes, special offers on courses and information about new products. Members can even create their own blog on the website, and share their own experiences and advice with fellow Weber members and enthusiasts. Furthermore, members have access to cookbooks, kitchen and barbeque accessories and also exclusive merchandise.

This activity is facilitated by the Dynamicweb Ecommerce and integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Weber have come closer to their target group. Thanks to the many blog posts, forum discussions, and questions for the experts, Weber is gaining valuable insight into the behavior and needs of their customers. At the same time, the target group feels that they are being taken seriously which altogether reinforces the Weber brand and the customer loyalty.

The integrated webshop has defined a new sales channel for Weber, which also stimulates sales in the physical shops, since many customers evaluate the products online before buying them afterwards in the physical shops. By 2014, Weberklubben had more than 70,000 members.
Stig Pedersen, Marketing Manager, Weber Stephen Nordic
"In just 3 weeks after launch we managed to expose the new website to 27,000 passionate barbeque enthusiasts, where some 2,000 even signed up as paying VIP members. Today (2014), we have more than 55,000 members in our online community, where members are able to share knowledge, find recipes, participate in courses and buy products in our online shop."
- Stig Pedersen, Marketing Manager, Weber Stephen Nordic
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