B2C-shop selling outdoor footwear to the global market

Since 1920 Viking Outdoor Footwear AS (VOF) has designed and manufactured high quality outdoor footwear. The company is one of Norway's oldest brands, and they are still chasing perfection in both product design and quality.


VOF was in need of a new B2C shop with closer integration to their Aspect4 ERP-system. They wanted to approach the global market with a streamlined shopping experience where all data should flow seamlessly between the webshop and the ERP-system. The target customers are women and men, kids and adults all over the world, in need of outdoor footwear.

Dynamicweb as a solution

With Dynamicweb All-In-One, VOF was able to implement both a B2C-shop, new home pages and a newsletter solution, - in the same platform, - everything well integrated! The B2C solution has a user experience tailored to the actual user group. (Later VOF also implemented a parallel B2B-shop in Dynamicweb, where shoe-store managers can order footwear in a solution with a user experience tailored specifically to their needs!) The solution is implemented using the Rapido framework.


This All-In-One solution has given VOF's global market, both end-customers and resellers, webshops with streamlined user experiences where they can buy their high quality footwear in the easiest way possible. Internally, VOF has gained substantial efficiency with product data and orders flowing automatically day and night. The solution is an important tool in VOF's further global growth and success.

Viking Outdoor Footwear AS
Viking Outdoor Footwear AS
B2C, Marketing, Retail

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