ValueInvest Denmark

ValueInvest Denmark is a member-owned mutual fund specializing in value investing.


ValueInvest previously used a design, which was not very user-friendly in the sense that it did not focus on the content that matters the most to 9 out of 10 users, namely yield on stocks. In addition, the design was outdated and unable to properly communicate and display the brand values of ValueInvest, and so it became obvious that a new design was needed.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The solution was a thorough and extensive re-design, which enabled the users to find important data on the front page. The data is presented dynamically through a plug-in called FusionCharts, and with a combined upgrade of the internal Dynamicweb system, it now presents and handles the data in the best way possible.


The new has been very well received by the users, who are especially pleased that the pages are much easier to grasp, and in how it manages to display the information that matters the most. Site analysis shows that about half of the users do not have to navigate away from the front page in order to find the required data.

In general, the key data has become much more available on the new – especially after the solution was upgraded to a newer and better performing version of Dynamicweb.
Helen Cope, Marketing & Translation at ValueInvest
"Along with our implementation partner and Dynamicweb we have been able to create a solution that is clear and concise, very informative and “to the point”. Our users are very satisfied and happy, since it has made it easier for them to find what they need."
- Helen Cope, Marketing & Translation at ValueInvest
ValueInvest Denmark
ValueInvest Denmark
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