B2B portal with lab analysis, mobile scan search and Visma integration.

Uno-X Lubrication specializes in supplying Nordic wholesale customers with lubricant quality products from Texaco, Chevron, Panolin and Anderol.


Uno-X wanted to upgrade their web solution to accommodate growing consumer needs for digitalization and to differentiate themselves from their competitors with a new, innovative and scalable platform.

The first step was to develop a new website with B2B ecommerce and integration to the Note system used by the Uno-X analysis department. In addition, Uno-X required seamless integration to their Visma Business ERP system.

Dynamicweb as a solution

In a few intensive months, Uno-X and their Dynamicweb partner, 1st Web, managed to develop a new digital identity and integration to external data sources. Specifically, the search function on the front page is a unique tool that is now available to customers.

The solution enables Uno-X to easily create and add new landing pages with the built-in search mechanisms and integrations and can even choose which Visma and OATS language (external system that provides information about which oils are suitable for specific cars, trucks, agricultural machines, etc.) to be displayed on the customers’ landing pages.

Innovation is at the heart of cooperation between 1st Web and Uno-X. Recently, a personalized dashboard has been launched, displaying everything from statements, latest orders, and latest analyzes from the laboratory. Also a personalized setup defines from a user role which content and data the user is presented to.


All combined, it provides a functional ecommerce universe with a complex customer center and smart “Quick ordering” function to support seamless User Experience that generates long-term and valuable customer loyalty. 

The new scan solution allows the customers to scan their packaging from any mobile device with a camera, which is then processed by an intelligent weighing and Levenshtein distance algorithm that identifies the product in hand. The same applies when the customers scan competing products and are presented with corresponding products from the Uno-X product range. Next step is to easily ordering the scanned products. This is not an APP but a web based solution with Dynamicweb as it’s core. 

Salem Buur, Digital Lead, Uno-X Smøreolie A/S
"We use 1st Web for both product development and maintenance. They offer great services and possess valuable business and technical insights that make them an essential supplier. "
- Salem Buur, Digital Lead, Uno-X Smøreolie A/S
Uno-X Lubrication
Uno-X Lubrication
B2B, Distribution, Visma
1st Web ApS

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