Ulefos is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of covers and drain gates in Scandinavia. The customers include a wide range of government agencies as well as some of Europe’s largest industrial companies.


Ulefos’ previous B2B ecommerce solution was not very user friendly and required far too much manual maintenance. As Ulefos’ primary customers, the municipalities, raised their demands and requirements to ecommerce, it became obvious that Ulefos needed a brand new solution.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The solution included a brand new design as well as an update to the latest version of the Dynamicweb Ecommerce. Combined with the BIS modular from Bleau, it generated a solution, which integrated fully with the ERP-system, VISMA, and enabled Ulefos to centralize product data maintenance.


The centralization of product data maintenance has generated an obvious and very beneficial effect on the level of efficiency, as well as on the expected ROI. The fact that future administration is kept in the ERP system enables Ulefos to maintain training expenses at a minimum, since the current staff can maintain and manage the shop with relatively few resources.

Susie Christophersen, Sales and Marketing at Ulefos.
"By implementing the B.I.S. modular and Dynamicweb Ecommerce we have gained a solution which is 100% integrated with our ERP-system. It represents a successful criterion, and it has generated a user-friendly solution, which enables automatic transfer of new products to the web shop through simple coding."
- Susie Christophersen, Sales and Marketing at Ulefos.
B2B, Manufacturing, Visma
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