Trip Trap WoodCare

Trip Trap Woodcare is a leading manufacturer of wood care products for the retail- and industrial sector. The company produces all its products in Denmark and sells them through an international dealer network.


The previous Trip Trap Woodcare website was outdated, did not adapt to mobile devices, and was difficult to work with and maintain. In addition, it required a lot of manual hours and resources to update the 300-400 product descriptions in multiple languages. Consequently, Trip Trap Woodcare wanted a new digital solution with a PIM (product information management) system to optimize the product data handling.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The solution is a combination of Dynamicweb CMS and Ecommerce with integration to PIM and DAM (Digital Asset Management) from Unik Pine Tree. Everything is combined in the best practice Co3 Espresso solution, which includes standard templates and functionality such as PIM and DAM connectors.

Based on the new integrated website, Trip Trap Woodcare and Co3 have developed a dealer self-service portal. The portal provides all dealers with a complete product catalogue with integration to the central PIM system.

The setup provides Trip Trap Woodcare with a single point of central control of the entire product catalogue, which ensures up-to-date product information and prices.


With the combined Dynamicweb and Unik Pine Tree solution, Trip Trap WoodCare has obtained a new contemporary corporate portal that supports the brand.

The PIM and DAM integration has added product data automation, which saves valuable time and resources, as data transfers automatically to eight websites and a whole range of graphic sales documents.

The Trip Trap Woodcare dealers can now benefit from a complete digital solution where all product data is accessible, and the price is only a fraction of what it would normally cost for a dealer to establish and maintain the same setup. Finally, the new solution means that Trip Trap WoodCare has become self-sufficient and able to manage without any external digital assistance.

Trip Trap WoodCare
Trip Trap WoodCare
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