Triora (former Mirage Addiction Care) aims to expand its highly successful private addiction treatment to patients across Europe, using the unique, holistic Triora Model, which treats body, mind and soul.


Within the clinic in Alicante, Spain, the average utilization was around 10% of the available seats on the premises. Due to a break-even ratio of about 66% an increase in continuous clientele was highly required.

The website appearance should be quiet and even in approach towards the various visitors and target groups. The presentation had to be aimed at providing information in a serene, peaceful manner. Visual design is as much important as the path towards solutions and conversion.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Increasing qualified leads and converting these into actual clients was top priority. Triora has done a great job in preparing their goals and target areas. They have spent precious time in setting up the persona’s which are served by the platform. By using this sustainable data, Bluedesk was well prepared to make a conscience decision for the Dynamicweb All-In-One platform.

In close cooperation with Triora, Bluedesk was able to anticipate for a steep and solid development project. Within a time-span of merely 6 weeks Bluedesk was able to setup a roll-out the platform for the customer, while managing all goals for marketing, lead generation, website appearance and conversion.

Since the platform was build towards the marketing tools of the Bluedesk marketing team the website was prepared for tailored content and conversion lanes.


Within the first thirty days of utilizing the Dynamicweb platform the amount of page visits increased already from 1811 to 3501 visitors.

With this success in conversion yielded Triora is working towards expansion of available seats within the current facility and opening other facilities. This to enable the high amount of request for entering the program received on a daily basis.

Before start of the project the clinic in Alicante had a filling of 3 patients. During the weeks after the go-live of the new website the amount of patients treated increased gradually. Currently the clinic is stable at around 28 patients on average! Thanks to the implementation and the current conversion the clinic is at a comfortable profit!
Netherlands / Spain / United Kingdom
CMS, Marketing, Organization
Bluedesk E-Business B.V.

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