Fully integrated B2B and B2C solution with enhanced product information

Symmetrica is among the largest producers of vibropressed paving in Romania. Having the advantage of nationwide coverage, through the five factories located in the maine regions of the country, a professional background of over 20 years and a dedicated team of over 400 people, Symmetrica easily claim the leadership position in the industry.


After fundamenting the brand, and going through an extensive rebranding process and portfolio revamp, we needed to introduce the new brand to an online target, with the means of a new portal, relevant for both B2C and B2B market.

Dynamicweb as a solution

We put in place an integrated management system for the brand’s online presence, based on two main pillars: technology (Dynamicweb platform) and strategy (presenting the brand’s products into two different relevant ways in the same website). Rigor and reliability, specifics to the industry, were captured with the help of colors, fonts, new product images and also with the help of ordered and well-structured design, efficiently implemented in Dynamicweb.


• Responsive website design that enables easy navigation and a complete brand experience, regardless of desktop or other environment from where the user is accessing the Symmetrica website.

• An easily switchable interface for both the B2C and B2B portal, in order to acces different products and information

• Product selection and cart, followed by price quotations forms and call-to-actions, which allow users to take fast decisions.

• Integrated traffic analysis on the website, which allows viewing of visitors’ behavior (time spent on site, pages and favorite products, most read blog posts, etc.)

• Optimal integration between the B2C and B2B portals in the same website

• Optimal integration between website and the social networks where the brand is active, thus giving the user a consistent online experience across multiple digital media channels


By means of prototyping, wireframing and later on implementation, the brand is now able to offer both a complex brand experience and easy-access to products information through the new responsive website. A wide range of products and case studies are available at just a few clicks away.

  • +800% increase in website traffic
  • Over 4000 unique visitor per month
  •  +24% increase in turnover (2014-2017)
  • 1,7 fewer clicks (in order to get to the desired information)
  • Overall easier access and better presentation of the products that helped changed the products positioning from mainstream to premium
Sebastian Bobu, Executive Director, Symmetrica
"We have enjoyed a very good and fruitful collaboration with a team that managed to come up with answers to all our needs. The solutions offered have always been explained professionally to us and they have been also in accordance with our requests. We are truly pleased to have completed this important project for us, the end result is far beyond our initial expectations. We will certainly continue our collaboration on future projects as well."
- Sebastian Bobu, Executive Director, Symmetrica
B2C, B2B, Marketing, Manufacturing

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