Service & Co. is a private company that educates guides to work for the Scandinavian “tour package” industry. Since opening their doors in 1998, the company has become the largest tour guide education institute in Scandinavia, and well known for being customer friendly.


Service & Co. had a very basic website that did not have any function apart from listing company information on the web. They envisioned a site that would invite customers to engage in dialogue with them, and make it exciting and easy to communicate back and forth.

Dynamicweb as a solution

They chose a Dynamicweb platform that would entice Service & Co.’s target group; young people from age 18, looking for a career in the tourism industry.

When landing on Service & Co.’s website, visitors are presented with a great deal of information in a stimulating way accompanied by bold calls to action. And because the site is integrated with a number of social communication technologies, prospects have several ways to get in touch with Service and Co. Prospects can now pick up the phone, or live chat via Skype, send an email or even book an employee to come out and speak about the opportunities offered by the company.

Customers can also interact with the company on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. The site contains a lot of information about Service & Co. presented in a variety of ways, which includes submitted articles and videos from graduates and staff sharing their experiences. In a nutshell, the website is designed not to leave any questions from its target group unanswered.


With the new Dynamicweb platform, Service & Co.’s already strong sales have increased and their web channel has now proved so successful, that the company has staffed up just to handle the leads and activity flowing from the new site. At the same time, also thanks to the new site, Service & Co. has cut spending on advertising, because the site succeeds so well in engaging customers and shortening the sales cycle. To Service & Co., engaging customers equals sales. In fact, the website is the primary sales channel.
Palle Højsholt, Owner of Service & Co.
"We went with Dynamicweb because of the scaling potential and because it ticked all the boxes for our requirements. Together with Dynamicweb we have created a site that succeeds in engaging our target group, and to us customer engagement equals sales."
- Palle Højsholt, Owner of Service & Co.
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