B2B with AX integration, 7,000 products and 2,500 customers in one platform

Market leader in distribution of offices supplies with 20% market share, 8,000 customers and the most diversified product range within the business.


After replacing an old, inhouse built ERP solution with Dynamics AX, the next obvious step would be integrating the B2B order portal with the newly added ERP. But when the B2B order portal is also an old, custom code solution, the obvious decision is to replace the old system with a new one, better integrated with Dynamics AX.

The old system allows a multi-tier approval system for orders and custom prices for customer. Would Dynamicweb be up for the challenge?

Dynamicweb as a solution

Since implementing the new B2B portal, RTC has gained more control over the presentation of content, allowing a merge of the corporate website with the B2B order portal. Especially because RTC would allready import the products in the catalog, for the ordering process. So why not exposing them to the general public.

RTC and Dynamicweb partner, Brandfusion, have implemented a multi-step approval system using Dynamicweb standard objects (Users and User Groups) and built a custom logic for the approval workflow. This will allow not just a multi-tier approval system, but also a very flexible and configurable flow for approval.

Prices and stock are read live from Dynamics AX as customers browse the catalog and orders are sent back to AX as soon as they receive the approval of the last member in the workflow. Because some of the customers are using internal procurement systems like SAP and Oracle Punchout systems, RTC had to create an endpoint to allow connection to those systems using OCI or cXML. As a result, all customers can now place orders in one online system, connected with Dynamics AX.


Since launching the new B2B ecommerce portal, RTC has experienced an increase in online sales, order sizes and number of registered customers. Here is a list of key improvements achieved since the launch: 

  • Increase in number of companies in the B2B portal: +150%
  • Increase in number of orders received (this year vs last year): +130%
  • Increase in average number of daily orders: +120%
"We have chosen DynamicWeb as B2B e-commerce solution and are happy with our. The integration with MS Dynamics AX, the customization capability and the professionalism of the DynamicWeb Romania team were important reasons that influenced our decision to choose Dynamicweb All-In-One. With Dynamicweb we have managed to meet the needs of all customers (over 2500 companies, over 9000 active users), having the ability to control the content delivered to the client at the user level. Among the features implemented for RTC, we can mention the validation of orders on hierarchical levels, history and reports, monthly budgets and cost centers, creating customized product and pricing."
- Daniel Gheorghe, Marketing Specialist, RTC
S.C. RTC Proffice Experience S.A
S.C. RTC Proffice Experience S.A
B2B, Distribution, Dynamics AX

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