Repart was founded in 1983 and is currently one of the oldest spare parts companies in Denmark. Repart has more than 4,000 spare parts in stock, which they sell online, but also as wholesale from their central warehouse in Aarhus, Denmark. Repart has always been known for great customer service, which has earned them an impressive 9.5 average based on +900 Truspilot reviews.


When appliances break down, customers desperately look for quick advice and spare parts with a short delivery time. The same applies to the professionals, who are called out to fix the broken machines.

However, Repart’s previous solution was not optimized for mobile devices – preventing customers from properly accessing and using the old Repart website. In order to avoid losing more sales, Repart decided to invest in a new digital solution.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Build on Dynamicweb, the new B2C ecommerce solution features data and product import from Microsoft Dynamics C5, a product feed for Google, easy 3-click product finder, simple checkout flow with user login, MobilePay as payment option and quick view of nearby pickup points. The solution has enabled Repart to provide their customers with a great and user-friendly online experience supported by great customer service.

The new ecommerce solution also allow customers to search for specific item numbers, compatible spare parts for their own machines and to view related items. All combined, customers can choose the easiest and quickest way to find the right spare parts + related products among the +4,000 item numbers from 30 different brands.


Since the launch of the new solution, Repart has experienced a 25% increase in traffic from mobiles and tablets, which fully supports the purpose of the new website. More importantly, Repart has experienced increased online sales, which is expected to continue.

With the new solution, Repart has managed to significantly improve their online visibility. The amount of organic traffic from Google has climbed 21% within the first six months in 2017 compared to the same previous period.

Finally, Repart's visibility score has risen by 3 percentage points (a big jump in Google) on business-relevant keywords, which has generated 10% additional new visitors and 23% more page views on the site compared to previous performance.
Katja Thorpstrup Pedersen, CEO, Repart
"Both customers and professionals benefit from the ability to search for spare parts directly on mobile phones, pay for the products by using MobilePay and finally collect the product at a nearby pickup point. Our new ecommerce solution makes it quick and easy to browse through more than 4,000 spare parts from 30 brands and to get quick delivery within 1-2 working days. In addition, our online visibility has significantly improved because the new Dynamicweb solution makes SEO optimization much easier and more effective. "
- Katja Thorpstrup Pedersen, CEO, Repart
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