ROI in just one year with an integrated solution for product marketing

Râureni is one of the oldest and most loved canned fruits and vegetables brands on the Romanian market, with a very strong offline presence nationwide.


After fundamenting the brand, and going through an extensive rebranding process, we needed to introduce the brand to an online audience.

Dynamicweb as a solution

We put in place an integrated management system for the brand’s online presence, based on two main pillars: technology (Dynamicweb platform) and strategy (expressing the brand’s idea into the online community).


• Responsive website design that enables easy navigation and a complete brand experience, regardless of desktop or other environment from where the user is accessing the Raureni website.

• Subscription to blog news and newsletter, which allows for further subsequent periodic newsletters to brand subscribers.

• Integrated traffic analysis on the website, which allows viewing of visitors’ behavior (time spent on site, pages and favorite products, most read blog posts, etc.)

• Optimal integration between website and the social networks where the brand is active, thus giving the user a consistent online experience across multiple digital media channels


By means of prototyping, wireframing and later on implementation, the brand is now able to offer both a complex brand experience and easy-access to products information through the new responsive website and social media integration.

  • +40% increase in website traffic
  • +45% (1st half of 2016 vs 1st half of 2015) increase in mobile traffic (since mobile optimization interface)
  • 1,1 fewer clicks (in order to get to the desired information)
  • Overall easier access to the information the user is looking for
Dan Mutu, General Manager, Râureni Company
"We have gone through a tremendous transition period, where we revived the brand, targeting a new niche of consumers, namely the online audience. Râureni needed to touch base and appeal to as many consumers as possible and fulfill their needs, thus the need for the brand’s online communication strategy. This new online platform where the consumers can directly interact with the brand and offer their input is a major step for the future of our brand"
- Dan Mutu, General Manager, Râureni Company
CMS, Marketing, Manufacturing

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