Randers Tegl

Randers Tegl is one of Northern Europe’s oldest and biggest brick producers. The company has more than 100 years of experience, and is currently supplying all of Scandinavia and Germany.


As a full-service provider, the company has built a complex product portfolio, which caters to both private and professional customers. In addition, the ongoing acquisition of companies has complicated the go-to-market communication. Therefore, Randers Tegl’s challenge was to make an impact with appropriate and clear B2C and B2B communication in a historic sluggish market.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Gotcha and Randers Tegl have developed a CMS solution build on the Dynamicweb All-in-One Platform. It contains five different language versions, as well as a full display of the entire Randers Tegl product portfolio.

The solution contains a basic product configurator allowing visitors to add different kind of bricks and tile to specific types of houses, which makes it easier for the customer to visualise the products. Customers can then download information about the specific product, including prices and dimensions, and order a free sample box.


The new CMS solution and its five different language versions has expanded the commercial reach of Randers Tegl. Both current and potential B2B and B2C customers can easily obtain information about products, prices and retailers.

The solution combines user-friendly illustrations and product configuration, to ensure that customers can navigate between the many different product types and specifications. Customers can also benefit from the implemented search-search engine that provides categorised search functionality, ensuring relevant results and suggestions.
Randers Tegl
Randers Tegl
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