Scalable B2C ecommerce and PIM solution for optimizing sales processes

PLUS is leading Danish supplier of outdoor fencing, doors, rocking stands and garden furniture. The products are sold through Danish construction markets, large retail chains and webshops.


The organization wanted to move beyond the inside-out communication and the strict focus on technical specifications to support the direct needs of their end customers instead.

The new site fulfills exactly this goal; supporting the customer throughout the shopping experience.

PLUS has previously been highly dependent on the marketing from their partner vendors. Now they have a digital shopping exhibition where customers can find inspiration and combine their own solutions.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Punch Out function
The products and the shopping flow work like a true commerce solution, but the customer ends up having two choices to complete the order. One option is printing the shopping list and bring it to a local hardware store to complete the transaction. The other option is to put the products from the shopping list directly into the cart of a local PLUS partner vendor. The customer then completes the order on the partner site and the partner handles everything from transaction to shipping or click and collect.

PLUS benefits from this as all products are PLUS branded. PLUS avoids a situation where the customers are sold off brand bolts or other accessories as part of a larger product bundle – i.e. a complete fencing solution - in the partner store. The means improved sales for PLUS and higher customer satisfaction because the customer buys the right combination and quality for the entire solution. And PLUS maintains good terms with their partners without passing them in the supply chain.

Dynamicweb was an obvious choice for PLUS because of the integrated PIM system and the user friendly backend of the all-in-one-platform.

Dynamicweb’s PIM-database handles all product data and digital assets – i.e. photos, manuals and videos - related to the products. The system is user friendly and eases the internal work flows for PLUS because the editor has a clear overview over the entire product catalogue and can manage the products in the PIM it self. The PIM database has also received positive feedback from the partner vendors, who are now able to easily source product descriptions, prices and images for their campaigns in the frontend of the PIM.

Filtering and inspiration
The new visually appealing website is displaying large photos that inspires the customer with new ideas for their garden or balcony. The light and breezy visual styling captures the mood of the outdoors.

The customers have been quick to utilize the new filtering options. Sort by sizes, materials, colors, series, or explore themes like ”outside play” or “upkeeping your fence” Range of filters and product categories can be expanded or merged if needed.

Language versions
In the first edition, the site comes in a Danish and a German language version. Besides the full language versions, there are landing pages in Norwegian and Swedish.


Performance knocks it out the park. Despite the large and numerous images on the site, Google Page Speed gives it 95/100.

Conversion rate for punch out function is 0.68% and one partner reports that more than 70 % of these referrals end with a completed transaction in the partner shop.

See how PLUS strengthened their business with Dynamicweb:

Lars Højsgaard, CEO, PLUS
"Novicell has elevated our online platform to an now level, and provided valuable strategic guidance for our digital setup. We have felt that we were in good hands since the beginning and continue to enjoy the partnership. "
- Lars Højsgaard, CEO, PLUS
B2C, PIM, Distribution

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