During the last 200 years, Pillivuyt has designed French high-quality porcelain for master chefs, gourmet lovers and all others who appreciate quality cooking and cooking.


Despite proud traditions, Pillivuyt has always adapted according to tendencies and demands in the market. As a result, the 200 year-old company has gone digital in 2015.

But how does a 200 year-old company go digital to attract new customers and without compromising the brand? Many Danes already own Pillivuyt quality porcelain, but the company wished to expand its reach and improve brand awareness by supporting current and traditional sales channels in the retail market.

However, the high company had high expectations to their future digital solution and required that the Pillivuyt quality experience would remain the same online in order to support the brand perception.

Dynamicweb as a solution

In order to create a new and successful digital Pillivuyt platform, Dynamicweb partner DIS/PLAY went on a creative spree in the Dynamicweb All-in-One toolbox. As a result, Pillivuyt and DIS/PLAY have created a classic ecommerce solution capable of managing products, product groups, and product information. The key to the solution is Dynamicweb, which is used as a mini Product Information Management (PIM) system. It provides a flexible solution that easily enables Pillivuyt editors to improve products by adding new marketing and SEO initiatives.

In order to strengthen the flexibility of the solution, Pillivuyt and DIS/PLAY have decided to use items to create a customized and flexible setup. It makes the solution editor friendly and allow editors to reuse content across paragraphs, pages and websites.

Pillivuyt and DIS/PLAY have used the Dynamicweb integration framework to collect products and customers from NAV in multiple languages and with different accounts. The framework is also used to map different data integrations, and repositories are used to improve the data flow for searches with type-ahead. It is used for displaying facets and to manage the multiple AJAX call, but also for the Angular Framework and lazy loading of product lists.

The user management is used both for customers and for handling retailer data – including mapping retailer location. Finally, the solution makes full use of the marketing tools for newsletters and campaign.


Thuesen Jensen is the Scandinavian brand house responsible for selling Pillivuyt in the Nordic countries. By now, they can clearly see the improvements generated by the new digital solution.

One of the primary goals was to improve the responsive design and mobile appeal. By now, the mobile bounce rate has reduced by 25%, which clearly indicates a positive customer experience on mobile devices.

The brand experience was a central topic in the development process, and it has clearly payed off. The average user time spend on the website has increased by 15% and the bounce rate has dropped by 22%. That means less customers leave the site, they spend more time exploring products and gathering inspiration.

Pillivuyt needs to sell products, both online and in the shops. As a result, the solution is capable of facilitating the purchases in relation to the local retailer. For instance by displaying near-by retailers, which has made the “find your local retailer” site climb from nr. 27 to the top 3 pages in the new solution.
Michael Knudsen, Head of Marketing, Thuesen Jensen A/S
"We had multiple wishes according to our new digital Pillivuyt profile. First, we wanted to become more visible to our customers in order to increase sales. At the same time, we wanted to create more traffic to the shops that offers Pillivuyt as part of their assortment. Most importantly, we need to be able to measure that traffic. We believe that DIS/PLAY has helped us achieve all our goals, and we are already seeing improvements and benefits. "
- Michael Knudsen, Head of Marketing, Thuesen Jensen A/S
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