Pillen Group

Pillen Group is an international industrial supplier delivering state of the art sheet metal works for checkout systems and other industrial solutions. The company has existed since 1956 and currently employees more than 125 people working at the various production facilities located in the Netherlands.


The Pillen Group wanted a new online platform capable of supporting their ongoing international expansion.

The first requirement was that the platform should make it easy for the company to create and maintain new language versions to attract new international customers for all the different units, brands, services, and products that the Pillen Group has to offer. Secondly, the website should be able to utilize incoming traffic by identifying new B2B leads. Finally, the new platform should be responsive in order to comply with the increasing amount of traffic from mobile units.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The platform is currently trilingual and handled by the Pillen Group's internal marketing department. The Dynamicweb Platform makes it easy for the employees, to maintain, update, and add new content in different languages. The time spared is instead used on marketing campaigns to attract new international customers to the website, who are automatically registered by the Dynamicweb lead tool.


The website traffic is continuously rising and the combination of the new language version and the B2B Lead Tool means that the Pillen Group is currently identifying twice as many leads as before, but without spending any more resources.
Pillen Group
Pillen Group
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