B2B ecommerce and product configuration

Pagunette was founded in 1960 and is now leading Nordic supplier of textiles for private homes and public facilities.


Before implementing the new ecommerce solution, Pagunette had no real ecommerce offering besides a basic booking form for submitting requests and a product configurator handled externally, preventing Pagunette from controlling the order flow and details. All sales processes were handled manually by their sales team.

Pagunette initiated their digital transformation back in 2017 when they initially implemented Perfion for handling product data. Digitalizing fabrics and curtains turned out to be a big challenge due to the complexity of the materials, dimensions and application methods – all of which can be combined in many different ways and with different conditions. At the time, Pagunette had no product texts or images and everything was handled manually.

Finally, in March 2018, Pagunette launched a new Dynamicweb B2B ecommerce solution and later added a product configurator.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The new Pagunette ecommerce portal is built on the Dynamicweb All-in-One platform and PIMcommerce, a turnkey ecommerce solution with standard integration to PIM and ERP, developed by Dynamicweb partner PicoPublish.

The ecommerce is available in 5 different languages and aimed at the international market. Approximately 2,500 stores already have access to the new ecommerce portal. All products and product information is handled in Perfion and automatically transferred through the integration to the Dynamicweb ecommerce. All website content, including text, images, price tables and translations are managed in Dynamicweb.

The product configurator is a separate component added to the shop that offers a 7-step ordering process that empower retailers to configure the exact products they need. All orders placed in the ecommerce are monitored in the Dynamicweb CMS and then sent to the Visma ERP system. The order number returned to the ecommerce is then used as reference number. The final order is sent directly to production without any costly manual handling and a detailed order specification is exported for the warehouse.

Pagunette only have a few product categories, but many products. To reduce load times, Pagunette use product variants. For example, products in two different widths and colors are put together in into product, but with different variant options. The solution makes product maintenance easier, since the same data is used on multiple products in Perfion. The ecommerce solution also contains a map for locating nearby retailers that uses information stored in the Visma ERP system.


Since implementing the new B2B ecommerce and product configuration solution, Pagunette has managed to gain full control of their digital business. Most importantly, Pagunette has gained a major competitive advantage because no one else on the market offers an equivalent solution. It allows Pagunette to scale their digital presence and has already lead to a great increase in sales and new product ranges.  

With the product configurator, Pagunette is capable of supporting their retailers with a flexible solution for ordering specific products in custom dimensions, materials, hangings etc. The configurator can also be used directly in retailer stores, where customers can get instant information regarding available fabrics, design styles, details, suspensions and greater transparency in terms of pricing.

Michael Mosegaard, COO, Pagunette: "We can easily extend our digital presence and control our visibility, which has helped us become an important source of information in our customers’ purchasing experience. Our Dynamicweb solution enables our website to become a customer forum for product creativity, facts and easy ordering. 

Our new ecommerce solution is significantly improving the customer experience, making it easier for both retailers and customers to browse the 7,000+ product variants and to find relevant product information."

Michael Mosegaard, COO, Pagunette
"With out new solution, we have gained a new essential selling tool (product configurator) to support our digital strategy: A competitive solution, improved customer service and to transform Pagunette.dk into a one-stop shopping portal for textiles and curtains. "
- Michael Mosegaard, COO, Pagunette
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