One platform. Two brands. 11 ecommerce sites.

Since its establishment in 1976, Outfit International A/S has delivered equipment and clothing for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts in all of Europe.


Both Härkila’s and Seeland’s websites were outdated and needed to strengthen their brand messages and improve the customers’ digital brand experience. Another important challenge was to support business for the distributors.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Through insight in the customers’ digital and physical buying behavior, identification of influencers and mapping of touch points, we developed a visionary buyers’ journey and a new digital strategy. The foundation was a new ecommerce platform which focused on the brand experience and story. All supporting and respecting the customers’ loyalty to their local hunting store. A Click & Collect function for the local retailers was therefore a vital part of the solution.

With respect to the strong brand heritage of Härkila, we further developed the visual identity for both the website and product packaging. The insights in the customer behavior was included in the structure and product categorization for both websites. Additionally, we developed a wide range of tailored elements for viewing content, again to support the wish for a strong and ‘rich’ brand experience. UX, design and frontend was developed from a mobile-first perspective, ensuring a positive brand experience for all devices.

Since we worked with an extensive number of systems, complex internal business processes and a desire for visual flexibility for the web editor, Dynamicweb’s All-In-One platform was the optimal choice of technical backend tool. The integration framework made it possible to exploit data from NAV and inRiver and with Dynamicweb’s API it was possible for Dynamicweb to customize customer processes so that they could be used in conjunction with email marketing and capture of payments through the new Altapay Provider. Everything is still managed from the customer’s existing systems. In addition, the improved eCommerce Performance in Dynamicweb 9.3 made it easier to meet the requirement of combining a strong visual brand experience with a smooth and effective sales channel. The customer even had great benefit of the Dynamicweb PIM for search architecture, categorizing and placement of the many products.

After the launch of the first Härkila site, Seeland’s solution was developed with as many technical affinities as possible.


Since launch, Härkila and Seeland have rolled out on 5 and 4 markets, respectably, and in international versions. In total they now have 11+ ecommerce sites on the way. The most impressive result is that the average size of orders is 4 times higher than expected. We also see a large increase in website traffic. Up to an increase of 400% across markets. 

Nikolaj Trier, Manager Sales Support & E-commerce
"With a focus on the brand experience we have developed a new sales channel which we can quickly adjust and roll out to our desired markets. They give us new and strategic important possibilities. In addition, the Click & Collect provides us with a new and attractive offer for our distributors and our customers. "
- Nikolaj Trier, Manager Sales Support & E-commerce
Outfit International
Outfit International
B2C, Marketing, PIM, Retail, Dynamics NAV

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