Nyfors is a Danish electricity company headquartered in the northern part of Denmark. The company currently employs more than 100 highly skilled employees and serves more than 50.000 customers within the business areas of electricity, solar panels, fibre network, heat pumps and wind energy.


The primary purpose was to strengthen brand identity and market position by creating a simple, clear and visually compelling presentation of the multi-utility company Nyfors and its many products and services.

The new solution needed to be responsive and able to convey dynamic and personalized content across different platforms. Nyfors also expected the new solution to increase online conversion rates, which would require integrated lead generating capabilities.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Gotcha used the Dynamicweb All-in-One platform to create a user-friendly and personalized solution. The integrated profiling capability displays content based on the user’s previous visits and clicks, and presents it in a very clear and illustrative way. It allows Nyfors to provide highly targeted content to maximize user experience as well as conversion rates.

The site offers quick navigation between B2C and B2B and automatically adapts the content accordingly. It also offers various call to actions, both in newsletter signups and in contact forms. Finally, registered users can access the self-service portal to keep track of electricity consumption and bills.


The new Dynamicweb solution incorporates the Twitter Bootstrap framework, which optimizes the website according to the platform it is accessed from. Combined with the user friendliness, persuasive design and effective user flows, it has generated a higher customer “liftetime”.

The solution is Google optimized through proper use of markup, meaning that Google present the content in more relevant and structured ways. In addition, the text is SEO optimized according to predefined keywords. These capabilities have boosted the conversion rate and increased the amount of leads significantly.
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