Newsec Datea

Newsec Datea is one of Denmark’s largest property management companies renting out apartments, warehouses, shopping centers and offices throughout the country. Their customers also include both private and public renters and investors, and Newsec Datea is often responsible for managing their customers’ buildings.


In 2016, Newsec Datea and Dynamicweb partner, DIS/PLAY, discussed the possibilities for launching a new digital rental portal capable of reducing the administrative workload, optimizing the internal work processes and meeting customer needs and requirements.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The new Newsec Datea rental portal is build on the Dynamicweb All-in-One platform, which it is capable of extracting leases and information from external booking systems and putting all the data together in one combined rental solution.

The Dynamicweb platform is also great for creating extended search filters for helping customers find suitable rentals, and makes it possible through the integration app to download leases from all of Newsec Datea’s external systems. The central solution also helps Newsec Datea generate new leads, because all resources, rentals and visitors are directed to the new portal.

In addition, Dynamicweb partner, DIS/PLAY, chose Dynamicweb because Newsec Datea has a whole team of content editors who needs a user-friendly CMS and marketing tools for creating new campaign sites.


Since the launch in April 2017, the new rental portal has managed to double the number of website visitors from various rental associations. The portal has also managed to optimize the internal workflows – especially due to the integration to Newsec Datea's external systems, making it easier and less time consuming to manage and maintain the 900+ leases.

Finally, the portal has made it easier for the Newsec Datea sales team to optimize their sales processes by focusing all their resources on the new central portal.
Bjarne Groth Kjær, Head of IT, Newsec Datea
"With our new website, we want to meet the users on their digital journey. Integrating with social media, market portals, and displaying the right content at the right time has been some of the key demands we now fulfil. Also giving the user call-to-actions and abilities to find more information when needed was crucial. By an advanced integration to various business systems, we can display information about all our products. This means we meet both the visual and emotional user and the user who wants cool facts and details."
- Bjarne Groth Kjær, Head of IT, Newsec Datea
Newsec Datea
Newsec Datea
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