Lyspunkt is a Danish interior design company specializing in exclusive lamps. Contrary to their competitors, the company focus on exclusive purchasing experiences in a market otherwise determined by pricing.


Lyspunkt’s primary challenge is to distinguish itself in a competitive market, where pricing plays a major role. Instead, Lyspunkt wants to service their customers with a unique shopping experience and offers a trustworthy and intuitive universe full of inspirational content and expert knowledge. At the same time, physical stores and online shopping must be fully experienced as part of the same business.

But how does Lyspunkt ensure the same high-level customer experience online?

In order to accomplish that challenge, Lyspunkt would need a solution capable of incorporating interior design tips, product information, stories behind the designs and a great overall purchasing experience – all in the same solution.

At the same time, the ecommerce solution should be fully integrated to the physical stores, so customers will experience a consistent and up-to-date experience across offline and online channels. Finally, the solution should simplify the product display and information through an inspiration purchasing universe that meets the familiar high-level product design.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The new Dynamicweb B2C ecommerce solution is fully integrated with the product database in Dynamics AX, and customers can now browse through the complete product catalogue including all product variants.

All price and text updates come from Dynamics AX and the integration ensures that is reflected online in the Dynamicweb solution, which smoothly handles all products, variants, listings, filters and product sheets.

The Dynamicweb ecommerce also handles additional products and services for the individual shops – including assortments, delivery options and general assembly services. The customer can also define in which shop, he or she wishes to pick up the product. Dynamicweb will automatically display which extra products and services are available in each shop.

Each physical shop has an in-store device, which customers can use to purchase the products online. The solution automatically ensures that products purchased in the individual store are traced, so that the commission is properly allocated.

The new purchase flow has everything needed to ensure a great customer experience with up-to-date prices, coupon codes, offers, shopping cart, checkout process, delivery options and tracking.

In addition to the ecommerce, the solution makes full use of Dynamicweb marketing capabilities such as user permissions, Heyloyalty integration, SEO optimization, landing pages and blogs.

Finally, the solution includes a “My Lyspunkt” customer center fully integrated with Dynamics AX, where customers can track their order status, view order history and define user profiles.

Additional features include intelligent multi-faceted Solr-based search capabilities.


Together with Dynamicweb partner, INET-DESIGN, Lyspunkt has managed to launch a consistent brand experience across different platforms – providing Lyspunkt with a unique competitive advantage.

During launch weekend, Lyspunkt experienced an immediate and successful response from customers in terms of orders, but more importantly, the ecommerce solution has quickly become an integrated part of the overall business strategy and has created synergy between the offline and online universe. All combined, it helps to improve branding and increase sales.

Watch a short video presentation of the Lyspunkt solution by inetdesign.

B2C, Marketing, Retail, Dynamics AX

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