KRM AG is a sales and distribution company owned by Ecco Holding. The company specializes in selling, marketing and distributing the Ecco product range to approximately 300 retailers in 18 countries. The company is based in Switzerland and has an associated distribution company in Poland.


KRM wanted a new ecommerce solution to make it easier and less time consuming for their retailers to browse the entire product catalogue and to place tailored orders without having to go through any manual processes.

In addition, KRM already used Dynamics AX, but wanted to optimize the order flow by exposing their business logic in a user friendly and accessible way. To do so, the new solution needed to integrate with Dynamics AX for products, variant, assortments, orders and live customer-specific pricing.

Dynamicweb as a solution

To realize the solution KRM teamed up with Dynamicweb to create a B2B portal with AX integration capable of supporting the retailers in a userfriendly way with multiple search facets, customized assortments, full access to previous orders and the ability to create lists of favorite products.

The new ecommerce solution is build on the Dynamicweb All-in-One platform and integrated to KRM’s product database in Dynamics AX. Now all product information is now handled in one single place and can be cross published to multiple assortments for different retail stores depending on physical location and season.

The solution enables retailers to search the complete product range of some 4,000 unique products across different sizes and assortments, and it provides KRM with full control of retail store inventory management, stock replenishment and return orders.


The new B2B portal gathers 305 different retailer shops, 610 users, approximately 4,000 unique products and 29 different assortments. It enables KRM to expose their business logic, so that retailers get full access to self-service capabilities - including specific prices, favorite products, re-ordering, previous orders and invoices.

With the new capabilities, retailers can now tailor their own specific orders by combining the exact products, sizes and variants they need – all in a new and optimized ordering flow that saves time and resources.
B2B, Distribution, Dynamics AX

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