B2B portal with integration to Dynamics NAV and Perfion PIM

Not only is Kjær & Sommerfeldt a Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court, but also Copenhagen’s oldest wine retailer with a list of suppliers counting 45 producers from around the world.


The market for selling wine and spirits to hotels, cafés and restaurants is highly competitive with many different suppliers competing to extend market shares and attract new customers. The primary challenge for Kjær & Sommerfeldt is how to retain existing customers while capturing new ones.

Consequently, Kjær & Sommerfeldt’s vision was clear from the beginning: Optimal utilization of new digital tools to provide unparalleled customer experiences.

To realize the vision, Kjær & Sommerfeldt wanted to replace their old e-commerce with a brand new B2B self-service portal capable of working with the recently launched B2C platform. The new solution should support both B2B customers in selling Kjær & Sommerfeldt wines as well as their internal sales team. Also, it should help minimize time and resources spent on orders and help optimize the order flow.

Finally, Kjær & Sommerfeldt knew that their customers struggled at times to stay up-to-date on all new wine selections, which should be accommodated in the new B2B solution.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Kjær & Sommerfeldt’s new Dynamicweb B2B e-commerce solution is integrated with Dynamics NAV and Perfion PIM and has not only optimized internal sales processes but also increased the number of transactions. Similar to the B2C e-commerce solution, all products are created in Perfion, which means that expired vintages are automatically replaced by new ones both in the commerce and in the customers’ order lists.

The new B2B portal provides customers with instant access to invoices, bank statements, amounts due etc. It makes it easier to re-order, change the order list and to maintain a general overview.

However, the solution not only supports customers, but it also serves as a selling tool for Kjær & Sommerfeldt’s own sales team, who can use the portal for processing quotes, download price lists, work with leads and much more. It all contributes to creating coherence between Kjær & Sommerfeldt’s sales team and their customers, who works in the same solution.

To help customers and especially waiters to learn about the latest wines and vintages, Kjær & Sommerfeldt has added an e-learning module. Based on the ordering lists, customers can now access questionnaire surveys based on the specific wines to help train and inform their personal. The questionnaire is forwarded to the staff, and all answers are sent back to management for review. Finally, customers can now create their wine lists and taste charts to help generate more sales.

With a product range of more than 5,000 wines, Kjær & Sommerfeldt needed an effective and user-friendly solution to help manage and navigate products and data. Now, customers can search by use of an expanded ‘type-ahead’ search or by using a ‘category’ search with detailed filtering.

The new design supports the synergy between Kjær & Sommerfeldt’s platforms, and the contemporary and exclusive design enhances both user experience and quality.


Since launching the new B2B e-commerce solution built on the Dynamicweb All-in-One platform, Kjær & Sommerfeldt has managed to secure a valuable competitive advantaged in the market. The number of daily transactions has increased, and the new and improved sales and self-service tools have improved customer retention.

Inside the organization, the new B2B portal has improved the daily workflows by automating previously manual processes, which allows Kjær & Sommerfeldt to handle more orders, in less time and with fewer resources.    

The close integration with Perfion makes it simpler and much quicker for Kjær & Sommerfeldt to maintain wine lists and campaigns, while the NAV integration ensures real-time calculated prices. All combined, the new solution has improved Kjær & Sommerfeldt's digital presence aesthetically, technically and functionally. 

Kjær & Sommerfeldt B2B
Kjær & Sommerfeldt B2B
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