Jaarbeurs was founded back in 1916 as a networking and relationship organization. The company specializes in promoting trade and industry by bringing people, markets, traders and producers together at large exhibitions and events.


During April 2014, Jaarbeurs completed a merger between three previous separate companies. As a result, Jaarbeurs needed to establish a new coherent B2B ecommerce platform, in order to service all their exhibitor customers from one single access point.

The new ecommerce platform should provide user friendly and intuitive navigation and easy access for creating and ordering unique exhibition stands for specific events.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Jaarbeurs and Dynamicweb partner Innovadis have created a new ecommerce solution based on the Dynamicweb All-in-One Platform with seamless integration to OIL, the company’s PIM and order management system.

Jaarbeurs have gathered all their digital business processes in the new Dynamicweb solution, which enables the company to auto-generate some 60 exhibition sites and shops a year. The PIM and ecommerce integration enables Jaarbeurs to save valuable time and money by reusing product data.

Both Jaarbeurs and their customers benefit from the single platform solution, as it automates processes and ensures consistency. It enables Jaarbeurs to reduce the amount of manual resources spend on creating new exhibition websites, and customers benefit from the familiar setup, which makes the product creation and ordering process more simple and effective.


The new Dynamicweb shop is the one access point solution for Jaarbeurs, to provide optimal service for the exhibitors. The company can create shops with one touch on the button and easily personalize the content for each shop and exhibition. All combined the new multi-shop and multi-language solution generates the following advantages:

- Increasing customer satisfaction; - Less employees to do the same job; - Less technical issues, because everything is working together in one shop, instead of four; - More sales, because creating your own stands for fairs has never been this easy.

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