Since 1978 Inox has sold Bar, Plates, Tubes and Fittings, delivered in standard and customized shapes and sizes defined by worldwide customers.


INOX approached Dynamicweb partner, DIS/PLAY, with a need to revitalize and improve their digital presence in order to meet customer needs and to separate themselves from competitors.

To do so, an absolute top priority was to implement a new visual identity and online B2B portal with customer self-service that would make it easier and more appealing to buy their products and services online. In addition, the new portal should help reduce the amount of manual ordering processes so that Inox employees could spend more time on improving long-term customer relationships.

Dynamicweb as a solution

INOX and DIS/PLAY agreed to use Dynamicweb as foundation for creating a new B2B website and ecommerce solution with up-to-date product inventory.

The new ecommerce is based on the Dynamicweb All-in-One platform and uses the standard ‘Integration Framework’ to integrate to the client’s ERP system. The solution is a great example of just how far you can go with Dynamicweb without the need for complex coding.

However, the new technology also called for a new visual identity and so DIS/PLAY decided to revitalize the corporate identity across all digital channels – including website design, logo, email signatures, banners, campaigns and images. The overall goal was to incorporate the company’s personal expression across all channels.


The corporation between Inox and DIS/PLAY has resulted in a brand new corporate website and B2B ecommerce portal combined in a new visual identity implemented across all digital channels. All combined, INOX is now able to promote themselves a modern digital company focusing on long-term customer relations.

Currently, INOX is in the process of branding their products and optimizing their search engine rankings. Google Analytics shows that their efforts are paying off, and that INOX has achieved a new digital and competitive presence that supports their business.
Henry Hansen, CEO, INOX
"To remain the preferred choice by our customers it is vital to INOX to understand and adapt to customer needs, not only of today but also of tomorrow. Going digital is mandatory for following that path, and our solution, based on Dynamicweb is supporting us fully in that direction."
- Henry Hansen, CEO, INOX
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