Corporate website and B2B ecommerce with Dynamicweb PIM

ID is successful Danish company and among Europe’s leading manufactures of Corporate clothing and has been well known for their quality solutions throughout the past three decades.


ID initially contacted Dynamicweb partner, Co3, regarding a new digital solution to replace the outdated corporate website and dealer shop. Technical stability was an absolute top priority to ensure customer convenience through optimal performance and speed.

Dynamicweb as a solution

ID listed Product Information Management (PIM) as part of their solution requirements but wanted to find a more qualified and cheaper alternative to the two major PIM systems in the Danish market. ID knew of the resources required for fully exploiting the features and capabilities in full blow PIM system, which would eventually exceed their actual business needs. Instead, ID wanted to start out with basic PIM and ecommerce solution capable of scaling alongside their business.

PIM in Dynamicweb
ID eventually chose the new Dynamicweb PIM as part of the Dynamicweb All-in-One platform, as it would require fewer integrations and help simplify the business processes. The decision was supported by Co3, who argued in favor of taking one PIM step at a time. Finally, the fact that the Dynamicweb PIM system only costs a fraction of buying one of the more well-known systems was of course a major plus, but not crucial to the final decision.

During Summer 2018, ID and Co3 have completed the first part of the PIM journey and are now ready to initiate part two, which is handled by ID alone. It will only require some basic training and guidance.

Espresso 4.0
Co3 has developed a solution called Espresso 4 built on top of Dynamicweb 9. It provides customers, including ID, with an advanced turnkey ecommerce solution containing standard features and functionalities covering 60% of the initial technical requirements specified by ID. The remaining part was easily covered without introducing any unnecessary complexity. To make things easier, ID already possess a highly competent team of website editors capable of adding and maintaining content without any significant need of assistance from Co3. The hours saved are instead spent on creating a great user experience.

Fashion – B2B variants
The central functionality in the new solution is a fast and effective disposition of a specific style across sizes and colors. The Co3 UX team has created a highly intuitive and user-friendly ordering universe that has been well received by their customers.

Another central part of the project is ability to download product data and media. Co3 has incorporated the download manager, a standard feature in the Espresso solution, allowing customers to handpick and download product data from the entire product catalog.


With the new solution, ID has gained a future proof digital solution capable of supporting their continuous growth. The customers have embraced the new ecommerce setting and provided positive feedback.

The PIM journey has only just begun, and Co3 have provided ID with the necessary tools and knowhow required for taking the next steps.

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Co3 A/S

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