Hummel is a Danish well-known fashion and sports brand with a global presence and offices in Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom and Turkey.


In order to ensure online growth in new and already existing markets, Hummel decided to look for a new, B2B ecommerce solution.

Hummel was looking for a new B2B eCom platform that played 100% together with Hummels new ERP platform, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Pebblestone Fashion, and thereby reducing heavy manual workflows in maintenance and updating of their comprehensive product numbers, images and the many item numbers. And at the same time, managing the large amount of products with many variants and detailed product information should be easy.

Dealers should also be able to see their very specific product range, price information and inventory directly from the ERP system.

The new eCom platform should also include a product configurator, allowing retailers to design unique sportswear for the local sports teams.

Dynamicweb as a solution

In order to achieve Hummel’s goals, Hummel has chosen the Dynamicweb platform, both on B2B and B2C, and thereby ensuring synergy by incorporating the same integration between ERP and PIM B2B and B2C.

This single Dynamicweb platform solution reduce the risk of errors by maintaining two different online platforms and also ensuring an economic advantage.

The Dynamics NAV, Pebblestone Fashion solution covers all the essentials from pre-sales to supply chain, covering; planning, design, sourcing, purchasing, logistics, warehousing and financial administration.

The Dynamicweb platform ensures views of relevant products and targeted content through advanced filtering to the many different customer segments and ensure a smooth shopping experience even at Hummel's wide-ranging product range.

On top of all this, dealers even have their own ability to configure unique and individual team sportswear, giving end-users whatever the design they want. The product configurator is based on 100% standard Dynamicweb.


Hummel's new Dynamicweb solution has managed to secure a good return on investment based on the many cost reductions achieved in increased efficiency by reducing workload in sustaining prices, product information in multiple systems.

In addition, the online B2B platform has given retailers a unique target to see delivery times on temporary sold-out products.

The new online ordering process is optimized to give dealers an extremely quick overview of the many different variants and model types through a very user-friendly matrix that also shows stock quantity and delivery date.
B2B, PIM, Manufacturing, Dynamics NAV

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