B2B webshop with price differentiation and customer purchase solutions

Hounisen has delivered high quality equipment for laboratories, hospitals, universities and the healthcare industry for more than 40 years. Hounisen makes it simple, flexible and inexpensive to buy laboratory equipment.


Hounisen made an investment to upgrade to an ecommerce platform that allowed them to be more agile and execute their business strategy.

Hounisen has two main customer segments, who they wish to cater to. The first segment consists of major hospitals, research institutions and pharmaceutical companies. The other segment being medical practices. The two segments use the site very differently. The first segment creates orders directly from procurement systems, the second segment orders smaller quantities through the website interface.

Hounisen’s business model uses of a complex pricing method for their wide product range. Prices are determined by factors such as client contracts and discounts for certain categories or products. A new platform was thus chosen to optimize workflows by integrating with Hounisen’s ERP and pricing database, which handles the many variables in their pricing model.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The Dynamicweb solution makes it possible to handle product views, package sizes, shipping options, prices and product ranges for each customer segment. In addition, the solution includes an optimized search function, an integrated pricing engine and a punch-out integration for procurement systems.

Dynamicweb’s Rapido framework tool has been utilized as a template for the webshop. It has been customized further by Novicell. The framework allowed time and resources to be allocated to developing the integration of the complex price engine and the punch-out solution.

Segmented ecommerce solution Hounisen now has a webshop that segments customers from their first entry on the website with the help of a simple and intuitive welcome pop up. The visitor chooses between medical practices and laboratory industry. An optimized search function has been created for each version of the webshop. It shows both products and related categories in the search results.

Integrated price engine Hounisen utilizes a pricing engine able to handle 10-20 million differentiated prices. Prices are based on discount models and contract negotiated prices. The engine has been successfully integrated with the website to show customer specific prices as soon as the customer is logged in. This integration ensures an optimized customer journey, fewer manual interactions from employees and precise presentation of prices.

Integration for purchase systems The punch-out integration was developed to enable major customers to order directly in their own purchasing systems with a live integration to Hounisen’s ordering system. It reduces the customers’ number of clicks and eliminates several logins to different systems make an order or reorder.


The new Dynamicweb solution makes it possible for two very different customer segments to order and re-order Hounisen’s equipment for customer specific prices at ease.

The intuitive purchasing flow is well received by Hounisen’s customers after they have become comfortable with the advantages of creating re-order lists, and internalizing new features such as order and delivery history. Both new and existing customers are positive towards the new site, and the work continues to improve the customer experience even further.

The next step is to explore the Dynamicweb campaign features for campaigns and personalized email marketing.

Louise Tobberup Madsen
"Hounisen’s main purpose is to solve our customers’ equipment needs and we are experts in delivering tailored solutions that suits the needs of our customers. With our new Dynamicweb solution, we now have the option of offering our products and services directly on Hounisen.com, where the segmented webshops have given us a better tool to communicate directly with our customer segments."
- Louise Tobberup Madsen
B2B, Distribution

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