HC Cargo

HC-CARGO is the leading supplier of electrical auto parts in Europe – including HC-CARGO starters, alternators, A/C compressors, and auto electrical spare parts and accessories. Since 2008, HC-CARGO has been a Bosch Group brand.


HC Cargo statistics say that 75% of their corporate customers in Europe and North America are researching products online before completing a purchase. Combined the extensive HC Cargo product catalogue, which currently holds some 24,000 products, the company needed a fast and intelligent ecommerce solution with user-friendly search options and intuitive navigation.

The company also needed to include a powerful search tool capable of keeping track of the vast number of product configuration options combined with all the individual prices, stock and shipping options.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The Dynamicweb All-in-One Platform is the spine in the new HC Cargo B2B ecommerce solution, which currently includes seven language layers (13 by the end of the year). The solution is very scalable and HC Cargo can easily add new international shops and landing pages to service their 14,000 worldwide customers.

The solution provides retailers with a new B2B login, where they can add new users, order new products, check inventory statuses, create favorite lists and check out – all in one place. The section also includes a complex search tool with ‘instant search’ capabilities, meaning that dynamic results appear as the user is typing. The search tool is based on the Lucene Index and Angular JS, which makes it fast and reliable, and it automatically shows the search results in a drop down menu divided according to products, categories and articles.

All combined, the search tool makes it a whole lot easier for the users to navigate between thousands of products with complex names and digits.

The entire search includes the 24,000 products in the HC Cargo database and the approximate 512,000 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) numbers. The customer can also search the entire product catalogue by entering their license plate, model or even engine type.

Finally, the strong integration with Dynamics AX ensures that all users have full access to live user specific prices, shipping methods and invoices.


HC Cargo has launched a strong and comprehensive B2B ecommerce solution that contains some 30,000 unique products in five different languages, 900,000 bill of materials, 25,000 users and handles more than 100,000 online requests during peak hour. So far, the solution has generated a 20% online growth compared to 2014, and a 58% online purchase rate.
HC Cargo
HC Cargo
B2B, Distribution, Dynamics AX

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