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Service companies do what they do best - their job professionally!
But they usually do not have the resources to work strategically within the realms of marketing.

The main issue is about having full control over the marketing efforts in a highly competitive B2C market. It takes time and skill to be successful in such a driven field, such as the service industry. It takes a great deal of time and removes the focus from their core competency – which is to deliver an exceptional performance. But here is the resolution to this issue within the H.C. Andersen Koncernen.

The H.C. Andersen Koncernen, together with our partner Flex Media, have made a Dynamicweb solution that can be used by all the companies within the group. It provides synergy and competitive advantages.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The concept is simple. The H.C. Andersen Koncernen delivers a ready-to-use Dynamicweb solution for any new group member with complete website design, set up graphics and brand colors, well-tested call to actions, SEO setup, email marketing target groups and Google Ad campaigns. The new group member also gets a website solution that is ready from day one and can be adapted to the individual company's special needs.

One CMS provides economies of scale from day one
The homepage solution uses the same consistent template as the rest of the group's companies, but it is adapted in relation to the specific company's needs and wishes. By using the same template and having all the websites in Dynamicweb, one can easily transfer experiences and improvements made from a website to the Group's other websites. It strengthens the competitive advantage and you can, for example, transfer experience gained from conversion optimization and marketing to all solutions. It is a function that is not always possible if you operate in different CMS systems, as they often do not allow functions without extra development.

One CMS system also means that all CMS upgrades are done at once. This makes it easier to manage and implement across the Group. In this way, customers are always ensured an updated solution with access to the latest functions and tools.

The Group also makes product recommendations in the form of related solutions to the customer's problem, such as with bespoke recommendations with the brand’s paints and floor grinding products etc.

The content of the solution
The answer comes with two different e-commerce solutions, bidding for the customer, booking system, graphics for website and marketing as well as integration for Dynamics 365 and all with a template you get started right away.

There is still ample opportunity for individual configuration for each company's website. Each company operates in a different market, where other preferences are needed to form part of the solution. The requirements for product display can be different and there are often specialist prerequisites. It is therefore configured specifically for each company. Once the configuration is developed, it can easily be transferred to the next business with the same needs.


Dynamicweb provides a comprehensive solution for managing the Group's websites. First and foremost, it has easy administration of the websites and an effective conversion of any traffic. Every experience carried out on the pages could be transferred to the other websites quickly and easily. Experience from split tests and conversion optimization can be transferred to all sites in the group and contribute to growth for all partner companies.

The website template is SEO optimized so that you can get started quickly with search engine optimization.

The result is that new group members can start their work from day one. Without having to worry about long website development projects, extensive SEO processes and can draw on the common pool of experience made in the group about marketing and conversions.
H.C. Andersen Koncernen ApS
H.C. Andersen Koncernen ApS
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