GGD Hollands Noorden

GGD Hollands Noorden provides health services to 19 municipalities in the north of the province of Northern Holland and is commissioned by the municipalities to maintain and promote the health and security of all the residents of the province.


GGD Hollands Noorden came to Bluedesk E-Business with the request to build a new website that was more flexible, modern and, especially, more user friendly and useful compared to the old one.

Dynamicweb as a solution

To develop the new corporate website, Bluedesk E-business used the Dynamicweb platform to ensure user friendly and easily accessible content management, as well as a responsive design that would work on all mobile devices.

GGD Hollands Noorden and Bluedesk E-business designed and composed the new site according to the scrum project methodology, which includes frequent consultation. The result is a cohesive and consistent corporate website that runs smoothly on tablets and smartphones, and offers a great variety of user friendly and useful content relevant to communicating the regional health.


The Dynamicweb All-in-One platform combined with the Bluedesk E-Business full-service approach has ensured a corporate website with high usability and user-friendliness for both GGD Hollands Noorden and its digital users. It has generated a major boost in incoming traffic, meaning that GGD Hollands Noorden has gained an important and extremely effective communication channel.
GGD Hollands Noorden
GGD Hollands Noorden
The Netherlands
CMS, Marketing, Organization
Bluedesk E-Business B.V.

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