Fredericia Furniture

Since 1911, Fredericia Furniture has worked closely with famous designers to create some of the best-known Danish design classics, which is sold through an international dealership network.


Before switching to Dynamicweb and Perfion Product Information Management (PIM) in 2011, Fredericia Furniture maintained most product data manually in Excel files and other individual documents. Only Production Master Data was stored in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system.

Product information was manually entered into a catalog generator system used exclusively for price list creation. This was an error-prone, cumbersome and time-consuming task, which also demanded expensive consulting services because the employees could not fix bugs in the system themselves.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Dynamicweb partner, PicoPublish, and Fredericia Furniture worked on the design with Uncle Grey, a media company from Aarhus. The website is designed to be responsive on four different device sizes, and it is rich in organized content. As such, Dynamicweb is used as a way of easily managing all this content into pages, sub-pages, and paragraphs.

The project is also strongly linked with Perfion, in which all the product information is managed, and with Navision, which is Fredericia’s ERP.

All the products in Dynamicweb are imported from Perfion (with the exception of some downloads) through the Data Integration feature of Dynamicweb. The integration is scheduled and the search uses the new index features.

Fredericia Furniture also uses scheduling and custom modules to cache some data (such as materials information and dealers, which are filled in Perfion) in json files, which are then accessed directly in JavaScript on the website.

The new solution makes great use of the named item lists as it seemed to be the best solution easily managing static content. For example, the news, the contacts page, the projects page… All use named item lists for their content. This allows Fredericia Furniture to manage a high number of items easily, and to take advantage of the possibilities of the Item Publisher to display them.


Fredericia Furniture is now able to service their dealers, partners and customers with a lot of relevant information and stories about each product: Who the designer is, what is available in the same collection, what are the customization options, etc. The partners can easily download a lot of materials and pictures in high resolution for use in press and media.

By switching to Dynamicweb and Perfion, the company has also optimized its own internal work processes: With branches on several locations it is a great advantage that employees now have access to the same information in one single system, in which they can all work at the same time.

All combined, Fredericia Furniture is now able to maintain its extensive content on several levels, giving it more power and flexibility.
Hanne Skovbo, S&OP Manager, Fredericia Furniture
"We chose Dynamicweb and Perfion PIM because it works seamlessly with Dynamics NAV and because we can easily adapt it to our business. We can model our product data and create screen views and tabs ourselves as we please. Now we are no longer dependent on expensive consulting services. We created the first price list with Perfion in 2011 and the investment has long since paid off."
- Hanne Skovbo, S&OP Manager, Fredericia Furniture
Fredericia Furniture
Fredericia Furniture
B2B, PIM, Manufacturing, Dynamics NAV

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