Elma Instruments

Elma Instruments is a leading supplier of test – and measuring instruments for different Scandinavian industries.


Elma Instruments has previously completed all RMA and calibration manually by email, which required many manual resources. All the cases were assigned to individual employees, who manually had to create, maintain, and supervise the cases from start to finish in the ERP system.

Consequently, Elma Instruments needed a platform capable of integrating with their ERP system, Visma, with specific calibration to three different accounts. In addition, the solution should enable the customers, when creating cases, to specify shipment methods – especially the Norwegian customers, who prefers using specific delivery services.

Dynamicweb as a solution

In order to improve the setup and lower the manual amount of resources required for handling cases, Elma Instruments and their Dynamicweb partner, 1st Web, chose the Dynamicweb All-in-One Platform as foundation.

The solution was build according to the Elma Instruments corporate design, with login and integration to Visma. The integration makes the whole ordering process more effective, as it automatically provides customer data, so that the customer only has to add information to the RMA form.

The solution has also improved the workflow related to calibration. Now, the customer automatically receive an email with a dynamic link when their products need service and calibration. By clicking on the link, the customer is automatically redirected to a calibration form, where all know data is already added (serial number, date of purchase, product name etc.). The only thing the customer has to do is to accept the order.

The entire solution is available in four languages and contains specific calibration to three different accounts in Visma.


The new solution has provided Elma Instruments with a valuable tool for improving the online customer experience and service. The integration has reduced the previous complexity related to handling RMA and calibration cases in the ERP system, which no longer requires manual data.

All combined, the solution has helped Elma Instruments improve their service and order handling. On top of that, customers can benefit from a responsive design and a 95 score in Google Page Speed, which improves the order flow and overall user-experience.
Jonas Sodemann, Head of Service & Calibration at Elma Instruments
"We are very pleased to have worked with 1st Web, who has added managed to transform all our thoughts into a valuable tool that saves us several hours of manual work every day. The feedback from our customers is very positive and we are experiencing an increased number of new service cases that requires less manual correspondence. We have received regular updates during the entire process, and all unforeseen challenges have quickly been specified and solved."
- Jonas Sodemann, Head of Service & Calibration at Elma Instruments
Elma Instruments
Elma Instruments
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