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With more than 170 brick-and-mortar stores all over the country, El-Salg is one of the largest resellers of electronics in Denmark. In addition to the wide assortment, the chain also has a well-developed service concept.


With such a large representation and great awareness of the chain nationally, El-Salg has a massive digital potential. Based on an omnichannel solution, El-Salg want to achieve the same experience for all their customers across channels no matter if the customer is present physically in the store or at home in front of a digital device. By spreading out the full assortment and all service concepts to all stores, El-Salg can increase revenue on all their sales channels.

Dynamicweb as a solution

El-Salg’s solution in Dynamicweb has made it possible to create a serious omnichannel strategy. The solution is an All In One Business platform and is integrated into the ERP system, Axapta. With a store integration, the customers are connected to a physical store, which is responsible for delivering the direct service or product installation to the customer. It is also this local store that is the sender of email newsletters.

Of course, the solution has a sustainable, responsive design that ensures easy navigation on the webshop no matter if the customer is using a laptop, tablet or mobile. The responsive design is especially relevant for El-Salg because it is a part of their omnichannel strategy to have the online product assortment available for both customers and employees in the stores.

In that context, the webshop is available on the instore tablets that has been installed in every El-Salg store in Denmark so that the customer can access the entire product assortment. The product filter makes it easy for the customer as well as the employee to find their way through the wide range of products.

The solution has an intelligent search engine based on Solr. It makes sure that the customer can find the most relevant products in a speedy manner. The search function looks in both products and content, which makes it useful in both purchase-oriented search queries as well as research oriented search queries.


El-Salg has reached the finish line with their omnichannel strategy by achieving a webshop which is present and in use in the stores all over Denmark in the form of instore tablets. The integration from the webshop to the stores makes it possible to hang onto the customers with local offers from the stores. The responsive design ensures a functional and user-friendly webshop on both instore tablets or the customer’s own smart phone.

El-Salg has a complete Hubspot and Raptor integration. The Hubspot integration has product widgets, tracking, warrantee and newsletters – just to mention a few of them. The Raptor Integration recommends products on the webshop on 3 levels: general, product categories and product items. Product feeds can be personalized and abandoned cart email can be sent out automatically.

Watch a short video presentation of the El-Salg solution by inetdesign.

El Salg
El Salg
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