Ege is one of Europe's leading companies when it comes to design, development and production of unique and high quality carpets.


Ege's core business is all about selling carpets combined with consulting, design, and implementation. As a result, Ege has chosen not to sell carpets online, but focuses on providing inspirational content and designs, combined with effective multi-channel lead generation. For that purpose, Ege needed a new digital solution capable of increasing:

• Traffic, both branded and products;
• Number of leads (e.g. sample ordering);
• Number of e-mail permissions.

Besides, from the ability to increase sales, the new solution should be able to integrate with the company’s back office system called Movex.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Dynamicweb partner Co3 has developed the new Ege solution on their unique Espresso website solution, which is based on the Dynamicweb All-in-One Platform.

The solution has seamless integration to Movex, which enables visitors to browse the complete product catalog with more than 10,000 items. Some product numbers even contain additional variant options based on carpet fronts and backs. Previously, the process of updating and maintaining the entire product catalog and all its data sheets required many manual resources. However, with the new solution, both customers and partners can gain easy access to product data and generate specific PDF data sheets containing the exact information and properties they need.

The integration between the Dynamicweb platform and the company’s ERP system, Movex, ensures full automation of the product information management. In addition, it gathers all the order and product information in one single database and material orders have been integrated with Ege’s customer center.

The solution is customized according to Ege’s local markets and contains five different language versions, which also applies to all the products. Besides, from the language versioned B2B website, the solution also contains a number of other private dealership websites, but all everything is handled the same place.


The portal contains more than 25,000 dynamic product data sheets and customers can now order samples among 10,000 items - all from the same place.

Specific growth according to strategic KPIs:

• The brand traffic has increased by 35%;
• The non-brand traffic increased by 3%;
• The number of leads has increased by 28%;
• The new website solution has generated significant resource savings;
• The return of investment is expected to be very low;
• The solution includes a digital catalogue optimized for “on the road” sales;
• The Movex ERP integration has significantly reduced the daily workload ;
• Sunrise and Ege have established a SoMe strategy to support the brand in different markets;
• Both strategy and design is developed by Sunrise.
Jan Magdal Poulsen, Marketing & Brand Manager at Ege
"Our new digital solution was launched in 2015 and is entirely based on our new marketing strategy combined with our clear communicative goals. The design is rooted in a measureable digital strategy and a complicated technical backend with integration to our back office system. Thousands of product numbers are now dynamically combined in numerous variants. The first numbers are showing a massive growth according to all our key performance indicators, incl. traffic and conversion."
- Jan Magdal Poulsen, Marketing & Brand Manager at Ege
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