B2B ecommerce with enhanced product catalog and marketing campaigns

Domino Systems use cutting-edge technology to meet the labelling and marking requirements of any industry.


Domino Systems approached Dynamicweb’s premium solution partner Flex Media, with a new and highly ambitious marketing strategy. In order to meet the needs of the proposal, an all-in-one platform for content management and e-commerce was required. The platform had to ensure the rollout of a strategic marketing plan which included:

• A new, structured and simplified website, with an inviting design and visual presentation

• Increased brand attention

• Amplified search optimization and presence on Google

• The establishment of a more discernable support section in order to draw attention to their 24-hour telephone support line

• To encourage the upturn of customer personalization via the use of client logins on specialized customer-based areas on the website. To also augment a user-focused newsletter function (Email marketing automation)

• A distinct overview that makes it easier for the customer to see which products and services Domino Systems offer and to which industries and areas they are useful

• Integration to the economic system, Dynamics NAV (Navision)

Dynamicweb as a solution

Domino Systems chose Dynamicweb’s all-in-one platform for their new website because it is composed of everything that is required all within one single program. This includes the necessity to manage content, oversee web shop features, supervise marketing functions and handle advanced personalization.

SEO was an integral and imperative parameter for Domino Systems and therefore content was a principal part of the solution. It was essential for the content to be reusable across all channels, at a personal and engaging level, so that it would make sense for the website visitors.

Together with Domino Systems, Flex Media constructively planned the process which made it possible to roll out a B2B solution in several comprehensive steps. The first step included building the new website with well-defined product views and the client newsletter function.

The solution was adapted to take into account Domino System’s three target groups – one of which is internal. So it was crucial that the website also acted as an internal communications tool for the company employees. In addition to this, SEO methods were applied throughout the website, in accordance with the digital marketing strategy, to ensure that the website can be found by the relevant target groups.

The current phase of the project includes the construction of the support section. It is intended to be a self-service hub for the customer which will be available via a personalized login. Here the customer will be able to find user manuals and troubleshooting documents. So, for example, if a printer has misfunctioned during the middle of the night, the customer will be able to find advice and support through the hub.

An added advantage of having a login to Domino Systems is that it will be possible to target the content of the support section to the customer’s preferences. Enabling the removal of any irrelevant documents out of the service hub will streamline the experience for the customer.

Furthermore this step also focuses on gated content for the content marketing plan. For example, the acquisition of emails and sign-ups in exchange for datasheets and other information relevant for potential customers.

The third phase of the solution addresses the integration of the ERP system, Navision. This will also include an e-commerce solution where the customers can find prices and purchase spare parts such as ink and ribbons.

With an integrated ERP system it is possible to show the products on the website in conjunction with the coordinating data. This simplifies the process of updating merchandise as they will only need to be updated in one place. Customer orders are also directly linked to the ERP system, easing administration for Domino Systems.


Through the combination of a long-term strategy and the effective new website, positive progress in visibility on Google has already been demonstrated. The new Domino Systems website has indexed 460% by the SEO efforts. Furthermore Domino Systems have moved from being on page 1 on 13 Google keyword searches to being on page 1 on 82 keyword searches. Of these 82, 50% are top 1 placements. The SEO effort has had a clear impact in making Domino Systems more visible to potential customers on Google.

In addition to this, Domino Systems has had the opportunity to use the advanced newsletter function in Dynamicweb’s All-In-One platform. By assessing the customer’s behaviors when using the website it has enabled Domino Systems to utilize a more streamlined and bespoke direct mail marketing service with the customer. They have the possibility to use automated email flows based on target groups and behavior and with the option of split testing to increase click rate and conversions.

Kweku Sarquah, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Domino Systems
"In our new website we have gotten a new identity and a marked increase in our online presence. Our way to do business now has much more focus on the digital area and the website has impressively added to our goal of becoming more digital. It is definitely a solution that we are satisfied with.” – Kweku Sarquah, Sales And Marketing Coordinator at Domino Systems A/S."
- Kweku Sarquah, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Domino Systems
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