Designa is a Danish company that produces and sells kitchen, bath and wardrobe solutions in Denmark and Norway. Designa focuses on producing amazing design and high-quality products.


Designa is a kitchen, bath and wardrobe manufacturer. They are present in Denmark and Norway with more than 50 distributors and showrooms. Their online presence is prioritized and was in desperate need of an upgrade. The core values are focused around design and quality and with this focus, Designa was on the lookout for a new online platform. It was about time to move away from their old solution to a completely new solution that can live up to their expections of great design that matches their brand identity. At the same time, it was important that a new solution made everyday updates on the platform easier for the marketing employees at Designa.

Dynamicweb as a solution

INETDESIGN built Designa’s solution in Dynamicweb version 9.5 and tailormade item types and pharagraphs to fit the needs of Designa. Designa also has a need to joggle multiple USP’s and CTA’s on product pages specially designed for them. These product pages display the products in a proper and clear way. Furthermore, INETDESIGN has designed article pages to use various places on their website in order to advise the user about kitchen related subjects.

With an integration to Google Maps, the function “Find store” makes sense visually. INETDESIGN also helped setting up Google Tag Manager with the right tracking possibilities, so tracking is easy to manage.

An extern partner, Marvelous, has worked on the design for Designa’s website. INETDESIGN has ensured that expectations for the design has been implemented in the Dynamicweb solution and delivers on functionality as well.

Working together with a Norwegian translator, INETDESIGN has made a Norwegian language layer for the Norwegian audience.

Designa has been introduced to the marketing module in Dynamicweb, which is something they look forward to use in the future.


Designas new solution meets the expections from the client in terms of having a visual appeal and the desired functionality. But most important of all, the website now lives up to the Designa brand value of great design with an impressing online display of their awesome products. The new Dynamicweb solution also made everyday tasks in the CMS easier for the employees.

Watch a short video presentation of the Designa solution by inetdesign.

Jacob Mortensen, Marketing Manager, Designa A/S
"The Dynamicweb solution has given us an online platform that delivers fully in terms of design and functionality. It is now easy for our clients to find a store, book a meeting or explore our products, which are the key areas on our new website. The product pages that are tailormade for us in the CMS makes it possible to present our products in an appealing way. So even if we do not use the shop module, Dynamicweb as a platform works well for us."
- Jacob Mortensen, Marketing Manager, Designa A/S
B2C, CMS, Marketing, Retail

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