Færch Hudpleje & Kliniksupport Ltd is the Danish distributor of the skincare products Dermalogica and Clean Start, as well as the make-up series Jane Iredale.


Customers have found it difficult to find and purchase the products, as the products are sold solely by professional skincare clinics in Denmark. Therefore, the products were not very accessible to the target group and most customers purchased abroad or in foreign webshops.

The challenge was to make the products more accessible on the Danish market without being perceived as a competitor by the professional skincare clinics, as well as being able to handle continuous expansion and more individual brand webshops in the future.

Dynamicweb as a solution

A central part of the solution has been to strengthen cooperation between Færch and the skincare clinics. So when visitors on the clinics’ individual websites are referred to the Dermalogica webshop the clinics get commission of the revenue. This is made possible because Dynamicweb integrates with Dynamics NAV and is able to register which websites the customers are referred from. Færch handles the full order process - quite an attractive setup for the reseller clinics.

The solution also serves the purpose of being a consumer information site, with more info about the individual products in the webshop. The products are displayed along with icons that symbolize product properties. This way, customers in the webshop are able to filter their searches according to their needs, skin type, etc. So far the solution contains three B2C webshops for the brands Dermalogica, Clean Start and Jane Iredale, and a B2B portal called Kosmetolognet, where the clinics can order products.


To Færch, the results of the solution have been obvious. The solution creates a new kind of cooperation between Færch and the skincare clinics – and it shows on both parties’ bottom line.

The number of visitors and transactions are rising by the month and the conversion rate is higher than compared to other B2C webshops. Another benefit, from the B2B solution, is the fact that the order handling error rate has been minimized. This has liberated time demanding resources, which is now utilized far more efficiently in other business areas.
Lars Færch, CEO, Færch Hudpleje og Klinik Support A/S
"To us, Dynamicweb is the perfect solution because it is flexible, easy to work with and because it integrates with our ERP system. It is easy for us to open up a new webshop for one of our brands. We handle the design. Our Dynamicweb partner does the technical adaptations and basically, all that remains is for us to order another Dynamicweb license. This way, we can launch a new brand without having to start all over each time."
- Lars Færch, CEO, Færch Hudpleje og Klinik Support A/S
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