Clemco is a Danish wholesale and project business that specialized in industrial coating of steel and buildings.


Clemco wanted to progress from a 1st generation website to a fully digitalized B2B ecommerce solution. In doing so, the primary challenge was to establish a user-friendly B2B solution capable of managing thousands of products and more than 10,000 item numbers in a single product catalogue.

In addition to the ecommerce solution, Clemco also wanted to be able to generate customer loyalty by initially transforming 40% of their existing customers into digital users. Secondly, the solution should be able to present customers with personalized and targeted content in order to make the ecommerce experience more appealing and useful. The goal was to transfer 40% of all future orders to the ecommerce.

Dynamicweb as a solution

In the new solution, Clemco and their Dynamicweb partner, No Zebra, have only used standard Dynamicweb functionality based on the unique preferences and technical capabilities. By doing so, they have succeeded not only in creating a solution that works and performs well, but also a solution that is user-friendly and easy to manage.

Digital marketing capabilities are an important part of Clemco’s new digital strategy, and has given way to new SEO efforts, which are expected to improve the company’s online visibility. The key to success is the new digital solution, which performs well and ensures high indexing in Google.

The goal is to ensure the company’s continuous placement in Google top 10 by identifying and analyzing relevant keywords.


Several of the company’s products and product categories are already visible in Google top 5 searches, which has generated improved visibility, new visitors and new customers. The company expects to enforce the positive development by continuously adding more products and product categories. By doing so, the website will automatically generate additional visitors, who can expect an improved user experience compared to earlier standards. The new website is responsive and the information hierarchy makes the vast product catalogue more manageable and accessible.

Clemco has huge expectations for the new website, and expects it to generate additional and longer sessions, which are to be used as focal point for reaching the new goals based on more online orders and an improved online visibility – especially concerning the number of registered users.
B2B, Marketing, Distribution
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