3 B2B distribution companies, 3 website integrations, 1 Dynamics NAV

B2B distribution companies within furniture, bamboo wooden floors and a child toy brand house with the need for integrating order processes and the websites.


The group consists of 3 companies that share ownership and resources. They are primarily B2B webshops and distributor portals.

- Cinas designs and imports interior and exterior furniture

- Hollse and Wibroe trades in bamboo floors and bamboo wood products

- Andemors verden (Duck mother’s world) is a brand house for everything related to childrens’ play

The 3 companies made the investment to update their websites and the visual expression but also to implement a digital tool that would integrate the sales from each company’s webshop with one ERP system. Manual processes has had their dominance in the business processes. Sales have until now been sporadic and by email orders for many different products and variating amounts.

The 3 companies operate with the same Dynamics NAV system which required an integration with the website if they companies were to modernize the business processes and ecommerce platform.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Automated order handling

Dynamicweb delivers an integrated tool that goes from the customer’s first contact with the website to the ERP system in the backend. By integrating the 3 companies websites with the same ERP system the employees can now access the products and edit them in a single place. At the same time orders are handled automatically via the online webshop rather than individual mail orders. It sounds simple but it is responsible for increasing the efficiency for Andemors Verden drastically. The number of errors is minimized and no more do the employees need to handle direct mail orders. Instead the customer orders the products on the website it self and is then entered into the system automatically.

Additionally, the websites have a distributor portal with user logins. This makes it possible for price variation based on the individual customer. This also means a smoother order handling with no manual registration or addition of discounts and less errors.

Complete integration to the same ERP system

Cinas and Hollse and Wibro share personnel resources and the same employees handle both webshops and product information. An integrated solution with custom backend user permissions would then save large amounts of time since the employees would have access to both website at the same time. The employees at Andemors Verden on the other hand does not have access to the two other websites and only their own. At the same time, Cinas, Hollse and Wibroe and Andemors verden are 3 different companies operating 3 different financial accounts. But they use the same ERP system. This calls for 3 complex integrations from each site to the shared Dynamics NAV system. It provides a free floating business process for all 3 companies.

Translations and SEO text without word files flying around

For now, Hollse and Wibroe have translated their sites to Swedish and Norwegian language versions. Flex Media’s translation has been without trouble because they have been directly translated in Dynamicweb’s solution without the need for sharing word files and extra hours being spent on coordinating the location of the texts. The same goes for the search engine optimization undergone in the local language which Flex Media also has done.

GDPR – One complete solution

The owners can rest easy because Dynamicweb’s solution is in compliance with the GDPR rules. It gives the website owners the possibility to gather consents from the visitors for use in email marketing and the distributor portals. With the new version 9.5 it is now possible to handle consents in the new cookie manager. The full implementation has the owners at ease knowing they are meeting all the requirements.


The implemented solution thoroughly optimized the business processes of the 3 companies. Order handling and management has been automatized in the system. The employees have shaken off the usual way of handling incoming orders manually when they came in through individual email. Instead they are automatically handled through website orders. The smoothened process means the freeing of employee resources and a reduction in order errors.

The solution is more than just a frontend CMS website. It is a tool integrated into the companies’ whole business processes supporting the top business goals and freeing resources.




Peter Wibroe
"Flex Media has delivered a solution that is much more than just 3 websites. Behind the websites are an integrated machine that optimizes our internal order processes and makes the order handling much easier for us. Ordering has become easier and prices more transparent for our customers to order through the new distributor portals. The system gives us an overview of orders and is easily managed and edited in the everyday rush."
- Peter Wibroe
B2B, CMS, Distribution, Dynamics NAV
Flex Media ApS

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