Cafax is a Danish company, established in 1960 and, thus, the oldest provider of corporate coffee. Cafax has one goal: The superb coffee experience. This is what you get when everything works perfectly - when the machine brews, when the coffee tastes, and when help is always nearby.


Cafax needed a new motivating corporate website with a user-friendly B2B ecommerce solution. The ecommerce solution had to integrate directly with Microsoft Dynamics NAV for both products, orders and live customer-specific pricing. The shop also had to provide the users with access to recent orders, reordering tools, creating and managing favorite lists.

The webdesign had to be motivating and responsive for different browser units and clients. It also had to meet marketing requirements for ease-of-use. The website and the shop in particular, had to be user friendly, fast and efficient in use. Finally, a map based dealer search and a client safe item based newsletter template was required. Cafax also needed a way to ensure the use of their corporate colors in a flexible but strict manner. The Cafax identity color scheme is a fundamental part of Cafax corporate identity.

Dynamicweb as a solution

· Clean, fast and crisp Razor templates with minified SASS (CSHTML and SCSS)
· Simple and intuitive one-page checkout
· The eCom Module is used for easy reordering service to comply with B2B user needs
· NORRIQ Live Web Integration (N-LWI) to Dynamics NAV
· Custom coded modules for recent orders (NAV) and for favorite lists
· A ‘Standard’ content item varies in with, function, position, look, interaction etc.
· The main areas Corporate Site and Ecommerce are organized in two different navigation menus
· Static landing pages shows and explains the product groups, motivates the user to buy and links to the product group in the webshop
· The color scheme is defined as item selections for front and background colors
· Items are used for website and paragraphs
· Specific master content is easily defined as item settings
· Using item icons/thumbnails makes it easy to understand their differences for webmasters


We developed a motivating, super-fast and responsive B2B ecommerce solution that provided the Cafax marketing team with an intuitive backend for content editing. The design is visually appealing with a new fresh look that makes the company stand out from its competitors.

The shopping design focuses on the ecommerce standards and simplifies the functionality, giving the user an accessible shop and a user-friendly customer experience.

The visual identity is closely defined in selectable colors and the corporate font is implemented. Giving marketing the tools needed for full content flexibility within a set of rules to preserve their visual identity.
B2B, Manufacturing, Dynamics NAV

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