B2C ecommerce for the largest sex toy shop in the Nordic countries

Belugi is the largest online webshop in the Nordic countries when it comes to having the largest assortment of sex toys and lingerie. Besides many products and guides written by a sexologist, Belugi promises subtle, cheap and fast delivery to their customers.


Belugi needs a webshop that doesn’t only support the many product categories, but also meets the customers’ different needs for product search. It takes a structured webshop to accommodate the wide assortment and the blog universe and to increase revenue. The possibility of using integrations to link the necessary systems is essential for solving the needs of Belugi.

But how to create a webshop, functional in all Nordic countries, and with 100% control of the product catalogue, content, transactions, customer data, accounting and much more?

Dynamicweb as a solution

By launching the Dynamicweb ecommerce platform, Beluga has become a good-looking webshop, selling sex toys and lingerie. The webshop makes use of the possibilities for content management, which is important for Belugi, both in terms of SEO and to be an inspirational partner for the visitors. The solution was made with 4 language layers and 4 different currencies, which meets Belugi’s need for having an online presence.

This solution is deeply integrated into Economics, an online accounting system that handles the bookkeeping for Belugi. With the many orders landing in Belugi’s system, it is important that the transfer of data between Dynamicweb and Economics works smoothly.

The solution can import product data with the aim of updating prices and text, which makes it easy for Belugi to maintain and improve on the quality of data.

Belugi also employs the Dynamicweb marketing center for email marketing, which can identify leads and personalize content for the recipients. This part of the solution can be applied strategically when working with increasing conversion.


Belugi’s now has a solution with a responsive webshop with 4 language layers and 4 currencies as well as all the relevant integrations, for example Economics.

The purchase flow has a tunnel design, which makes it simple and quick for the customer to go through the check-out with focus on collecting payment information in stead of irrelevant sales messages. This tunnel design gives the customer a sense of security which is important when finishing their purchase flow.

Belugi’s VIP customer club makes it easy for the members to find their orders and reorder. There are differentiated pricing, special discounts and freight rate calculation. It is possible to place orders as a guest, as a signed in user and as a member of the VIP customer club.

Watch a short video presentation of the Belugi solution by inetdesign.

B2C, Marketing, Retail

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