Bejo Seeds

Bejo is one of the leading worldwide companies in breeding, production, processing, and sale of premium quality vegetable seeds. Bejo Seeds has an assortment of more than 1000 different varieties, representing more than 50 crops.


Bejo Seeds is represented in more than 100 different countries around the world, but wanted a single CMS solution, capable of including all different countries and languages. The solution should also include multilingual B2B ecommerce with NAV integration, to enable Bejo Seeds to sell and distribute their large selection of biologic varieties and crops worldwide.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Bejo Seeds and Bluedesk E-business started out by creating an online strategy encompassing an updated corporate strategy and a new online design. The Dynamicweb All-in-One platform was chosen because of its scalability and flexibility, which complied with all the demands raised by Bejo Seeds.

Most importantly, Dynamicweb offered a real-time integrated ecommerce solution for Dynamics NAV, allowing all ecommerce processes to be transferred between Bejo Seeds’ ERP system and the Dynamicweb ecommerce, both offline and online. This makes it easy for the company to maintain and to expand the current online product catalogue, and to modify product information and prices according to local languages, prices, and taxes.


Bejo currently has more than 40 different sites running from the one single platform, and the online ordering is now a fully integrated ecommerce process with data exchange between Microsoft Navision ERP and the Dynamicweb ecommerce solution.

It saves Bejo Seeds a great deal of time and administrative resources, as the entire solution is managed from one single platform. Finally, it expands the global reach to foreign markets, as companies worldwide can order their vegetable seeds online, and it enforces the company brand on markets with only few offices.

Bejo Seeds
Bejo Seeds
The Netherlands
B2B, CMS, Manufacturing, Dynamics NAV
Bluedesk E-Business B.V.

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