B2B / B2C ecommerce portal with AX, 7.000 SKU’s and 7,000 users

Founded in 1993, Austral developed on the statement of intent formulated at the start: to increase the quality of partnerships and confidence in entrepreneurial businesses developed in Romania.


After upgrading the ERP to Dynamics AX, the next logical step would be to update the B2B platform for collecting orders. It’s a hard decision to make when the existing B2B platform is working without a glitch. But a better integration with the ERP is always a solid reason for a change. And since we are talking about an upgrade, why not go all the way to building a solid B2B / B2C presence.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Although the main reason for the change was integrating B2B order collection with the ERP, exposing the catalog to end users was not treated lightly. That’s why the whole solution was architected so that it would cover the corporate marketing needs together with a Shop dedicated to end users and a B2B portal for order collection.

The solution was integrated with AX making possible to render customized pricing and stock information to users and also segmenting the catalog available for B2C users from the one available to B2B users.

The ordering flows are completely separate, allowing to better control each process. All orders are ending in Dynamics AX, some of them after undergoing a complex multi-tier approval process.

In order to cover all grounds, we have also exposed an endpoint for connecting to other procurement systems like SAP and Oracle Punchout Systems


Since launching the new B2B / B2C portal, Austral has managed to opztime their business processes, which has generated a steady increase in both online sales and registered users. 

  • Increase in total number of orders received: +35%
  • Increase in number of users on the platform: +50%
  • Increase of average number of orders per day: +50%


Oana Vatra, Marketing Specialist, Austral
"DynamicWeb is a smart solution to combine B2C and B2B online sales in one website, helping us to optimize the customer experience. The integration with AX and the flexibility to connect with other IT systems was a big plus for our company. Our customers appreciate that now we can easily adapt to their needs and requirements and they are happy to have multi-level approval and budget limits for different users "
- Oana Vatra, Marketing Specialist, Austral
Austral Trade SRL
Austral Trade SRL
B2C, B2B, Organization, Dynamics AX

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