AURA Shoppen

AURA Shoppen is a concept created by the energy company, AURA, who also sells electrical appliances through interest free financing over the electrical bill.


AURA Energi is known in Denmark as an energy company who negotiates energy on behalf of their customers. The purpose with AURA Shoppen was to make it possible for AURA to sell electrical appliances, including major domestic appliances, TV, computer, household appliances and personal care. The concept is serving customers who want their purchase financed over their electrical bill without fees and interests. Naturally, it should also be possible for customers to purchase products and to pay cash whether they are electrical clients at AURA or they are new customers. For this, AURA needed a smart web solution.

The project was about creating a webshop for the domain that visually follows the same design guide as AURA’s other, existing online platforms. But this webshop should have its own focus, selling electrical appliances. Due to the unique concept with financing over the clients’ electrical bill, it was necessary to rethink everything from the pricing terms on the products to the checkout flow. Standard communication and a standard checkout flow did simply not cut it for this project.

Dynamicweb as a solution

On the Dynamicweb platform, AURA Shoppen has been created, and this has made it possible to fulfill the needs of the concept to display and build product data, content etc. Different types of paragraphs are used to highlight the USP’s that are important to AURA, mainly the interest free financing with low monthly payment, free delivery and warranty.


AURA Shoppen is online with a well working webshop with every piece of functionality that the concept demands. The visual design fulfills the visual identity of AURA. The features on the webshop ensure good usability for users, who are searching for and purchasing products online.

In the basket, the customer can adapt the financing duration and size of payments by adjusting the user-friendly sliders. Very quickly, it gives the customer an overview of the course of the payment. Also, the end of the checkout flow is designed and planned to fit the necessary clearances and authentications. This is alfa omega for the business to avoid fraud and customers who can’t pay the bill.

Watch a short video presentation of the Aura solution by Inetdesign.

"The Dynamicweb platform has met the criteria for our webshop which has a fairly large product catalogue and number of content pages. Besides helping us get started on the platform, INETDESIGN has created a solution that fits our need to communicate our business concept which gives the customer great financing possibilities."
- Lars Detlefsen - Digital Marketing Project Manager - AURA Energi
AURA Shoppen
AURA Shoppen
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