Global B2B ecommerce with Dynamicweb PIM

Ambu is a global company that manufactures disposable equipment for hospitals and rescue services.


During autumn 2017, Ambu chose to redesign their previous corporate website and chose Dynamicweb 9 and Co3’s brand new Espresso 4 turnkey Dynamicweb based solution. Ambu was among the first customers to choose Dynamicweb PIM for solving key product information challenges.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Advanced product management
Detailed product descriptions are required when selling complex equipment like endoscopes, which is more than most ecommerce solutions are capable of handling. To cope with the requirements, Co3 built an advanced product card with feature descriptions, video, hotspots and more. In a classic ecommerce, this kind of information would have required 100+ special fields on each product and left product managers and website editors with an almost impossible update task.

User right management for foreign editors
Ambu’s corporate website is global and consists of along with several country-specific websites that are handled by local editors in their respective countries. The country-specific websites are very different from, but are all handled in the same Dynamicweb platform with the same product catalog.

The first problem is solved with Dynamicweb PIM by creating a unique overview and faster editing workflows for advanced products.

The second problem is solved through the unique User Management in Dynamicweb PIM that ensures local editors only have access to local pages and products. Not only does it help improve overview and minimize risk of errors, but it also provides local editors with a more simplified and intuitive backend.


With the new Dynamicweb B2B ecommerce and PIM solution, Ambu is able to improve local business processes and reduce risk of manual errors.

The product catalog is structured according to medical profession and expertise, making it much faster and simpler for hospitals and rescue services to navigate the catalog and order the exact products they need.

Besides from rich images and hotspots to display detailed product features, the product are enriched with demo videos, technical specifications, relevant clinical studies, spare parts, downloads and related products. All handled in Dynamicweb PIM.

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