Based in Denmark, Actona Company is a furniture manufacturer with 8,000+ SKUs that are sold all over the world, with a strong focus on the US and Northern Europe.


Each year, Actona produces more than 1,700,000 chairs, 225,000 dining tables, 370,000 couches and 260,000 office chairs.

Actona needed to reduce the heavy, manual work processes when maintaining and updating their extensive website and many item numbers. At the same time, it had to be easy and accessible for the retailers to manage the large amount of products, get correct price information from the ERP system, and generate catalogues on the fly with 100% updated products from the retailer extranet.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Actona's new Dynamicweb solution is integrated to Actona's product database in Dynamics NAV. Now, the retailers can easily search the complete product range of over 8,000 item numbers in Dynamicweb eCommerce. With this many item numbers it is not possible to maintain a traditional catalogue and keep it up to date. However, with the new solution the retailers can quickly generate PDF catalogues containing the products of their choice.

With the integration between Dynamicweb eCommerce and Dynamics NAV , prices and product information is now only maintained in one place and can be cross-published to the catalogues, price lists, and dealer networks.


The Actona Dynamicweb solution has managed to secure a return on investment of just 6 months based on the many cost reductions achieved in saved wages and increased efficiency. The solution reduces the workload in Actona's sales department, by ensuring retailer access to 100% updated price lists, minimized manual work and risk of typing errors.
Charlotte V. Kristensen, Marketing Manager, Actona Company
"We have put together 8,000 items, in 3 languages and 70,000 prices in one solution where catalogues and price lists are automatically generated. The solution is, without a doubt, one of the primary tools for our sales department and the return of our investment is down to just 6 months."
- Charlotte V. Kristensen, Marketing Manager, Actona Company
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